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Academiae Regiae Gustavi Adolphi

Masks and Mumming in the Nordic Area

ed. Terry Gunnell


  • Foreword
    Bengt af Klintberg
  • Introduction
    Terry Gunnell


  • Masks and Mumming Traditions in Norway: A Survey
    Christine Eike
  • Masks and Mumming Traditions in Sweden: A Survey
    Eva Knuts
  • Masks and Mumming Traditions in Denmark: A Survey
    Carsten Bregenhøj and Hanne Pico Larsen
  • Masks and Mumming Traditions in the North Atlantic: A Survey
    Terry Gunnell
  • Masks and Mumming Traditions in Finland and Karelia: An Introductory Survey
    Urpo Vento
  • Masks and Mumming Traditions in Estonia: A Survey
    Ülo Tedre
  • Masks and Mumming Traditions in Greenland: A Survey
    AdriŽnne Heijnen


Themes in Masks and Mumming

  • Talking About the Talking Masks of Ærø
    Hanne Pico Larsen
  • Disguise as Ritualised Humour in Norway, Past and Present
    Christine Eike
  • Eros in Disguise: Eroticism in Mumming Interaction
    Annikki Kaivola-Bregenhøj
  • Mock Brides, Hen Parties and Weddings: Changes in Time and Space
    Eva Knuts

Local Case Studies

  • Easter Witches in Sweden
    Fredrik Skott
  • "May the Star Come in?": The Process of Tradition in Grimstad, Norway
    Ane Ohrvik
  • Changes in the St Knut's Day Mumming in Äetsä, Finland
    Mari Kulmanen
  • Tjugondag Knut Mumming on the Åland Islands, Past and Present
    Siv Ekström and Susanne Österlund-Pötzsch
  • Ash Bags in the Country, Costumes in Town: Ash Wednesday Traditions in Iceland, Past and Present
    Kristín Einarsdóttir
  • Elves on the Move: Midwinter Mumming and House-Visiting Traditions in Iceland
    Vilborg Davíðsdóttir

Related Traditions in the Nordic Area

  • "Oven Breakers": Men's Ritual Visits during the Season of Hallowmas and Christmas in Finnish-Karelian Communities
    Urpo Vento
  • The Killing of the Christmas Goat
    Reimund Kvideland
  • Mumming in Effigy around St Knut's Day in Southern Sweden: An Example of the Popular Exercise of Justice
    Nils-Arvid Bringéus

New Traditions In Masks And Mumming

  • Carnival in the Classroom: Icelandic Pre-Graduation Mumming Traditions at Upper-Secondary Level
    Terry Gunnell
  • Black Elves and Orcs in Swedish Woods: Examples of Non-Traditional Masks in Live Role-Playing Games
    Bodil Nildin-Wall

Comparable Traditions In Neighbouring Countries

  • Galoshins: The Scottish Death-and-Revival Play Performed by Boys at Yule or Hallowe'en
    Emily Lyle
  • Aspects of the Development of the Irish Christmas Mummers' Play
    Séamas Ó Catháin
  • Remembering the Past: The Marketing of Tradition in Newfoundland
    Paul Smith
  • Bibliography
  • Index
  • Contributors

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