Folk Play Distribution Map: In comes I that's never been before / Six merry actors stand at your door

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Key Typical variants
maroon In comes I that's never been before
red Six merry actors stand at your door
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This map is an improved version of one that appeared in my PhD thesis (Millington, 2002, pp.269-270, Map 13), generated using the Scripts Explorer. The scripts database has grown slightly since 2002 (Millington, 1994-2006).

The Plough Plays of the English East Midlands include some lines from Saint George plays, and sometimes George himself makes an appearance. These lines have strong links with the Northern English group of plays. However, there a few lines, such as the couplet in this map that also suggest a tenuous link with the Cotswold group of plays.

Peter Millington


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Internet URL:, 1999-2018, accessed 24th Jan.2021
Retitled in 2018 - formerly 'Historical Database of Folk Play Scripts'.

Peter Millington (2002) The Origins and Development of English Folk Plays
PhD Thesis, University of Sheffield, May 2002     [Full Text PDF - 2.7MB]

Peter Millington (2004-2021) Folk Play Scripts Explorer
Internet URL:, 2004-2021, accessed 24th Jan.2021

This map was generated from the Folk Play Scripts Explorer.
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