Folk Play Distribution Map: How came you to be a doctor? / By my travels / Where have you travelled?

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Question Marks indicate uncertain or special locations.
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Key Earliest Example of Variant Approx.Date No. of Scripts
purple How came you to be a doctor?
  how camest thou to be a doctor 1842 30
blue By my travels
  i have traveled for it 1823 1
  i have travelled far 1842 10
  by my travels 1842 22
  by me travels 1913 2
aqua Where have you travelled?
  pray ware ast thou travled 1785-1789 29
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This map is an improved version of one that appeared in my PhD thesis (Millington, 2002, pp.269-270, Map 11). In this version, generated by the Scripts Explorer, the markers coloured, whereas the original map was in monochrome. The scripts database has also grown slightly since 2002 (Millington, 1994-2006).

This was one of three maps used to show how the Saint George play components of East Midlands Plough Plays are indistinguishable from those of the Northern English group.

Peter Millington


Peter Millington (1999-2018) Folk Play Research: Texts and Contexts
Internet URL:, 1999-2018, accessed 24th Jan.2021
Retitled in 2018 - formerly 'Historical Database of Folk Play Scripts'.

Peter Millington (2004-2021) Folk Play Scripts Explorer
Internet URL:, 2004-2021, accessed 24th Jan.2021

Peter Millington (2002) The Origins and Development of English Folk Plays
PhD Thesis, University of Sheffield, May 2002     [Full Text PDF - 2.7MB]

This map was generated from the Folk Play Scripts Explorer.
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