Folk Play Distribution Map: Plays and Locations Listed in E.K.Chambers (1933)

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red Location of a play listed in E.K.Chambers (1933)
  1. Known composite scripts prepared by known authors have been omitted.
  2. Chapbooks, broadsides, and other commercial texts have been omitted.


This map shows the locations of the sources listed by E.K.Chambers in his book The English Folk-Play (1903), using geographical coordinates and data in Electronic ERD (Cawte et al, 2007).

Compare with the equivalent map for his earlier list in E.K.Chambers (1903).

Peter Millington


E.C.Cawte, A.Helm & N.Peacock (2007) Electronic ERD: An Index to English Folk Drama
Internet URL:, 2007, accessed 21st Jan.2021

Edmund Kerchever Chambers (1933) The English Folk-Play
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1933
Reprinted: Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1969

This map was generated using the Master Mummers Outline Distribution Mapper.
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