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Romsey Mummers' Play - 1796-1837
Mid-Berkshire Mummers 1888

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Line Romsey Mummers' Play - 1796-1837 Mid-Berkshire Mummers 1888
1. welcome welcome old father christmas  
2. in comes old father christmas welcome or welcome not welcome or welcome not
3. i hope old father christmas will never be forgot hoping awld veyther christmas ull never be vorgot
4. rome rome i do disdain  
5. for after comes saint george and all his noble train  
6. and in this room there shall be shown  
7. the finest battle that ever was known  
8. between saint george and ye turkish knight  
9. in come i saint george saint george that valiant man of courage bold  
10. all with my sword and spear i won ten crowns of gold  
11. i fought the fierce dragon and brought him to slaughter  
12. and by this means i won the king of bohemia s daughter  
13. in come i the turkish knight  
14. old england for the fight  
15. i will fight saint george that valiant man of courage bold  
16. and if his blood is hot i ll quickly make it cold  
17. i am a little man that talks very bold  
18. much like a lad that i have been told  
19. therefore draw out thy sword and fight  
20. pull out thy purse and pay  
21. satisfaction i will have before i go away  
22. spare me saint george and do not cut me down  
23. oh i ll cut thee down and thou shalt rise no more  
24. then forfeit thy life to make a store  
25. gentlemen and ladies walk out and see what miracles i ve done  
26. i ve cut and slain my father down all by y evening sun  
27. oh doctor doctor is there an italian doctor lately come from spain  
28. to heal ye sick and raise ye dead again  
29. oh yes there is an italian doctor lately come from spain  
30. to heal ye sick and raise ye dead again  
31. oh doctor what canst thou cure well what can st thou do jack
32. i can cure ye itch p palsy and gout the itch the stitch the palsy an the gout
33. and raging pains that run both in and out paains athin an paains athout
34. broken legs and arms  
35. if any man shall break his neck i will set it again  
36. and have nothing for my pains  
37. oh doctor what is thy pay  
38. ten guineas is my fee but ten pounds i will take of thee my vee s ten pound but awnly vive
39. take it  
40. ive got a little bottle in y band of my breeches called elecampane  
41. rise beau champion and fight again rise up king gaarge an vight agaain
42. the dragon is my enemy to quietly end ye strife  
43. i ll crop his wings he shall fly no more  
44. saint george shall end his life  
45. in come i cut and star just come from ye bloody war  
46. i and seven more will beat eleven score  
47. marching men of war many battles i have seen  
48. many battles i have been in for saint george our king  
49. in come i poor and mean  
50. hardly worthy to be seen  
51. christmas comes but once a year we dwoant come yer but once a year
52. when it comes it brings good cheer  
53. roast beef plum pudding and mince pye roast be uf plum pudden an mince pie
54. no body loves them better than i who likes them ther better n i
55. a mug of your christmas ale will make us dance and sing  
56. and money in our pockets is a very fine thing  
57. in come i bold slasher bold slasher is my name beau slasher is my naayme
58. with my sword and buckler by my side i hope to win this game an by my sharp zoord at my zide i hopes to win the gaayme
59. what man what man comes under my bloody hand  
60. i cut him and slay him as small as dust i ll cut un an slash un as small as vlies
61. and send him to ye cook s shop to make pye crust an zend un to the cook shop to maayke mince pies
62. in comes twing twang  
63. lieutenant of ye press gang  
64. i press all these bold mummers and send them aboard a man of war  
65. to fight the french and dutch and spaniards also  
66. in come i jolly jack i be poor awld happy jack
67. with my wife and children at my back wie wife an vamly at my back
68. when she comes she only says  
69. gentlemen and ladies give me what you please  
70. i wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year  
71. a pocket full of money and a cellar full of beer  
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