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Cornish Christmas Play - 1827
Penkridge Christmas Play, 1899

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1. room a room brave gallants room  
2. within this court i do resort  
3. to show some sport and pastime  
4. gentlemen and ladies in the christmas time  
5. here comes i old father christmas welcome or welcome not  
6. i hope old father christmas will never be forgot  
7. i was born in a rocky country  
8. where there was no wood to make me a cradle  
9. i was rocked in a stouring bowl  
10. which made me round shouldered then  
11. and i am round shouldered still  
12. who went to the orchard  
13. to steal apples to make gooseberry pies against christmas  
14. here comes i a turkish night  
15. come from the turkish land to fight  
16. and if saint george do meet me here  
17. i ll try his courage without fear  
18. here comes i saint george that worthy champion bold i am prince george the champion brave and bold
19. and with my sword and spear i won three crowns of gold and with my sword i won three crowns of gold
20. i fought the dragon bold and brought him to the slaughter it was i that brought the dragon down to the slaughter
21. by that i won fair sabra the king of egypt s daughter  
22. saint george i pray be not too bold  
23. if thy blood is hot i ll soon make it cold  
24. thou turkish knight i pray forbear  
25. i ll make thee dread my sword and spear  
26. i have a little bottle which goes by the name of elicumpane  
27. if the man is alive let him rise and fight again arise up jack and fight again
28. oh pardon me saint george oh pardon me i crave  
29. oh pardon me this once and i will be thy slave  
30. i ll never pardon a turkish knight  
31. therefore arise and try thy might  
32. is there a doctor to be found  
33. to cure a deep and deadly wound  
34. oh yes there is a doctor to be found  
35. to cure a deep and deadly wound  
36. what can you cure what diseases canst thou cure
37. i can cure the itch the palsy and gout the hips and the pips the palsy and the gout
38. if the devil s in him i ll pull him out  
39. ashes to ashes dust to dust  
40. if uncle tom pearce won t have him aunt molly must  
41. here comes i old old squire  
42. as black as any friar  
43. as ragged as a colt  
44. to leave fine clothes for malt  
45. here comes i old hub bub bub bub 1. step in beelzebub
2. ya ha ha here comes old beelzebub
46. upon my sholders i carries a club on my shoulder i carry my club
47. and in my hand a frying pan and in my hand my keginpan
48. so am not i a valiant man don t you think i m a jolly old man
49. here comes i great head and little wit with a big head and little wit
50. put your hand in your pocket and give what you think fit  
51. gentlemen and ladies sitting down at your ease  
52. put your hand in your pockets give me what you please  
53. gentlemen and ladies the sport is almost ended  
54. come pay to the box it is highly commended  
55. the box it would speak if it had but a tongue  
56. come throw in your money and think it no wrong  
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