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The 2010 Soulcaking is now in full swing in Cheshire, with the Master Mummers' Folk Play Events list giving details of 23 tours by five groups - Antrobus Soulcakers, Comberbach Swilltub Mummers (Comberbach Soulcakers), Halton Soulers, Jone's Ale Soul Cakers, and the Warburton Souling Play.

The map below shows the location of planned 2010 performances as of the 3rd November.

Soulcaking Performances 2010

An interactive version of this map is available, where you can zoom in and out, and click on the place markers for information about the venues. There are links to individual tour maps on the list of tour itineraries on the Master Mummers website. Both the list and the interactive map will be updated automatically to show any last minute additions or changes.

Peter Millington

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