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D. (1888) W. G. D. (1888) The New Year Mummers' Tale of Golaschin
The Scotsman, 31st Dec.1888, No.14192, p.5d
John Ritchie and Co., Edinburgh
[Unlocated], Scotland
East early 19th ctyNew YearTextHero-Combat 
D. (1951) E. F. H. D. (1951) A Nottinghamshire Folk Tune
The Nottinghamshire Countryside, Oct.1951, Vol.13, No.2, p.2
Nottinghamshire Rural Community Council, Nottingham
Nottinghamshire, England
Blidworth(SK5855)1933Christmas & Plough MondayTextWooing / Hero-Combat[Nb]
Dack (1911) Charles Dack (1911) Yuletides of the Past
Peterborough, The Peterborough Natural History, Scientific and Archaeological Society, 1911, p.2
[Reprinted from The Peterborough Advertiser, 21.12.1911. Pt.1 change: Delete entirely]
Huntingdonshire, England
Yaxley(TL1892)c. 1830'sChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat[Nb]
Dacombe (1935) Marianne R. Dacombe [ed.] (1935) Dorset Up Along and Down Along
Dorchester, Dorset Federation of Women's Institutes, 1935, p.109
[Pt.1 change: Edition details and date corrected]
Dorset, England
Horton(SU0307)19 cent. No TextHero-Combat[Nb]
Shillingstone(ST8211)late 1870'sChristmasNo TextHero-Combat[Nb]
Daily Telegraph & Morning Post (1952) [Anon.] (1952) Villagers act Ancient Play
Daily Telegraph and Morning Post, 22nd Dec.1952, p.5g
Daily Telegraph Ltd., London
Dorset, England
Symondsbury(SY4493)c. 1972ChristmasTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Dance Coll. Miss E. M. Dance Collection
[{HelC} XXXI 152]
Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, England
Crookham Street(SU8052)1931ChristmasTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Danielli (1951) Mary Danielli (1951) Jolly Boys or Pace Eggers in Westmorland
Folk-Lore, 1951, Vol.LXII, pp.463-7
Lancashire, England
Far and Near Sawrey(SD3795)1951EasterTextHero-Combat 
Davies (1879) J. D. Davies (1879) Historical Notices of the Parishes of Llanmadoc and Cheriton, in the Rural Deanery of West Gower, Glamorganshire, Pt. II
Swansea, H. W. Williams, 1879, pp.85-6
Glamorganshire, Wales
Dawkins (1904-1905) R. M. Dawkins (1904-1905) A Visit to Skyros
The Annual of the British School at Athens, 1904-1905, No.XI, pp.72-80
Macmillan, London

["Reference valuable for general reading"]
[Reference not used in the Location Lists]
Dawkins (1906) R. M. Dawkins (1906) The Modern Carnival in Thrace and the Cult of Dionysus
Journal of Hellenic Studies, 1906, Vol.XXVI, pp.191-206
Macmillan, London

["Reference valuable for general reading"]
[Reference not used in the Location Lists]
Dean Forest Mercury (1926) [Anon.] (1926) Christmas in the Village
Dean Forest Mercury, 31st Dec.1926, p.3d
Forest of Dean Newspapers Ltd., Cinderford
Gloucestershire, England
Upper Lydbrook(SO6015)1926ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat 
Dean-Smith (1954) Margaret Dean-Smith (1954) Folk Play Origins of the English Masque
Folk-Lore, 1954, Vol.LXV, p.85 fn 15
[Ref. checked by Alex Helm]
Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, England
North Waltham(SU5646)1953ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat[Nb]
Dean-Smith (1958) Margaret Dean-Smith (1958) The Life-Cycle or Folk Play
Folklore, 1958, Vol.69, pp.237-253
["Reference valuable for general reading"]
[Reference not used in the Location Lists]
Dean-Smith Coll. Margaret Dean-Smith Collection
Gloucestershire, England
Bristol(ST5872)c. 1880 No TextHero-Combat 
Warmley(ST6673) ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat 
Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, England
North Waltham(SU5646)1953ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat[Nb]
Denham (1895) Michael Aislabie Denham (1895) The Denham Tracts. A Collection of Folk Lore by Michael Aislabie Denham and reprinted from the original tracts and pamphlets by Mr. Denham between 1846 and 1859 (ed. James Hardy)
London, David Nutt, 1895, Vol.II, pp.214-15
Northumberland, England
South   Frag.Doubtful 
Wooler(NT9928) Hallowe'enFrag.Hero-Combat 
Dent (1892) Emma Dent (1892) Notes on Local Customs
The Winchcombe and Sudeley Record, Aug.1892, Vol.3, No.32, pp.142-3
W. C. Belcher (printer), Winchcombe
Gloucestershire, England
Winchcombe(SP0228)c. 1840ChristmasTextHero-Combat 
Devine (1901) P. K. Devine (1901) Quaint Christmas Custom
Christmas Bells, Dec.1901, No.10, p.4
St Johns
Newfoundland, Canada
mid 19th ctyChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat[Nb]
Dinsdale (1849) [F. T. Dinsdale] (1849) Glossary of Provincial Words used in Teesdale in the County of Durham
London, J. R. Smith, 1849, pp.129-30
Durham, England
Staindrop(NZ1220)1849ChristmasFrag.Sword Dance 
Ditchfield (1896) P. H. Ditchfield (1896) Old English Customs extant at the present time
London, Redway, 1896, pp.12-13, 316-26
Devonshire, England
Stoke Gabriel(SX8457) ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat 
Oxfordshire, England
Islip(SP5214)c. 1906ChristmasTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Ditchfield (1907) P. H. Ditchfield (1907) The Parish Clerk
London, Methuen, 1907, p..331
Berkshire, England
Barkham(SU7866)1907ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Ditchfield (1910) P. H. Ditchfield (1910) The Parson's Pleasance
London, Mills and Boon, 1910, pp.268-70
Berkshire, England
Barkham(SU7866)1907ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Dixon (1846) James Henry Dixon [coll. and ed.] (1846) Ancient Poems, Ballads and Songs of the Peasantry of England
Percy Society, 1846, Vol.XVII, pp.194-9
Yorkshire - West Riding, England
Grassington(SE0064)early 19th ctyChristmasFrag.Sword Dance 
Dodd (1897) James J. Dodd (1897) The History of the Urban District of Spennymoor
Spennymoor, The Author, 1897, pp.117-21
Durham, England
Dodd (1958) E. E. Dodd [Edward Ernest Dodd] (1958) Bingley, A Yorkshire Town through Nine Centuries
Bingley, Harrison, 1958, pp.166, 186, 211
Yorkshire - West Riding, England
Bingley (a)(SE1039)late 19th ctyChristmasNo TextDoubtful Sword Dance 
Bingley (b)(SE1039)1939ChristmasNo TextDoubtful Hero-Combat[Nb]
Dodds (1925) Madeleine Hope Dodds (1925) Northern Minstrels and Folk Drama
Archaeologia Aeliana, The Publications of the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1925, 4th Series Vol.I, p.141
Andrew Reid and Co. Ltd., Newcastle
Durham, England
Shotley Bridge(NZ0952)mid 19th ctyChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat 
Dommett Coll. Roy Dommett Collection
Berkshire, England
Blewbury(SU5385)c. 1950 No TextHero-Combat 
Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, England
Aldershot(SU8650)c. 1935ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Bitterne(SU4513)c. 1900ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat 
Elvetham Bridge(SU7955)c. 1928ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Odiham(SU7451)c. 1914ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Oxfordshire, England
Douglas (1928) Mona Douglas (1928) Ceremonial Folk Song, Mumming and Dance in the Isle of Man
Journal of the English Folk Dance Society, 1928, 2nd Series, No.2, p.19
Isle of Man, Isle of Man
[Unlocated](SC)c. 1920ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Douglas (1937) Mona Douglas (1937) Manx Folk Dances: their notation and revival
Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society, 1937, Vol.III, No.2, p.114
Isle of Man, Isle of Man
[Unlocated](SC)c. 1920ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Douglas (1948) George William Douglas (1948) American Book of Days, 2nd Edn, revised by Helen Douglas Compton
New York, Wilson, 1948, pp.5-6
Pennsylvania, United States of America
c. 1830Christmas and New YearFrag.Hero-Combat[Nb]
Dowson (1926) Frank W. Dowson (1926) Notes on the Goathland Folk Play
The Transactions of the Yorkshire Dialect Society, Apr.1926, Vol.IV, Pt.XXVIII, pp.36-7
The Society, York
Yorkshire - North Riding, England
Goathland (a)(NZ8301)c. 1856Plough Mon. and EasterFrag.Sword Dance 
Dowson (1938) F. W. Dowson (1938) Word-lore, Practices and Beliefs in Blackamore
Transactions of the Yorkshire Dialect Society, 1938, Vol.VI, Pt.XXXVIII, pp.33-5
The Society, York
Yorkshire - East Riding, England
Great Driffield(TA0257)c. 1911Christmas and MartinmasFrag.Doubtful 
Yorkshire - North Riding, England
Lockton(SE8489)1934Shortly bef. Nov. 5thTextHero-Combat 
Drabble (1952) Phil Drabble (1952) The Black Country
London, Hale, 1952, pp.199-201
Staffordshire, England
Cradley Heath(SO9486)1939Nov. 5th and ChristmasTextHero-Combat 
Pelsall(SK0203)1939Nov. 5th and ChristmasTextHero-Combat 
Dransfield (1906) John N. Dransfield (1906) A History of the Parish of Penistone
Penistone, James H.Wood, 1906, p.133
Yorkshire - West Riding, England
Penistone(SE2403)19 cent.ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat[Nb]
Dudding (1925) R. C. D. [Reginald C. Dudding] (1925) Review of BasE
Lincolnshire Notes and Queries, Jan.1925, Vol.XVIII, No.5, pp.111-12
W. K. Morton, Horncastle
Lincolnshire, England
Addlethorpe(TF5468)1870Christmas to Plough Mon.Frag.Wooing / Hero-Combat 
Duncan Coll. Lindsay Duncan Collection
[Copy in {CawC}]
Dorset, England
West Lulworth(SY8280)1904ChristmasTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Dunlop (1948a) [Annie Dunlop] (1948) Ayrshire Notes
The Kilmarnock Standard and Ayrshire Weekly News, 14th Feb.1948, No.4418, p.3b
Dunlop and Drennan, Kilmarnock
Ayrshire, Scotland
Auchinleck(NS5521)  Frag.Hero-Combat 
Kilmarnock(NS4238)c. 1900 No TextHero-Combat 
Dunlop (1948b) [Annie Dunlop] (1948) Ayrshire Notes
The Kilmarnock Standard and Ayrshire Weekly News, 13th Mar.1948, No.4422, p.3ab
Dunlop and Drennan, Kilmarnock
Ayrshire, Scotland
Cumnock(NS5620)c. 1900?Hallowe'enTextHero-Combat 
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