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Fairfax-Blakeborough (1923) J. Fairfax-Blakeborough (1923) [Title not given]
Notes and Queries, Series 12, 1923, Vol.XII, p.37
Yorkshire - North Riding, England
Guisborough (a)(NZ6115)1888ChristmasNo TextDoubtful Sword Dance 
Falkland (1905) James Falkland (1905) Notes and Queries No. 10490
Manchester City News, 11th Mar.1905, p.2c
City News Office, Manchester
Lancashire, England
Liverpool(SJ3591)c. 1840EasterFrag.Hero-Combat 
Fallow (1895) T. M. Fallow (1895) Yorkshire Sword-Actors
The Antiquary, May 1895, Vol.XXXI, No.65 NS, No. 186, pp.138-42
Elliot Stock, London
Yorkshire - West Riding, England
Leeds neighbourhood(53.79670,
c. 1880ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat 
Fenoughty MS Sue Fenoughty (1971) From Italy, Titaly, France and Spain (MS)
1971, pp.76,78,80,82-7
Lincolnshire, England
Burton upon Stather(SE8717)1920Plough Mon.Frag.Wooing / Hero-Combat[Nb]
Kirmington(TA1011)1914ChristmasTextWooing / Hero-Combat[Nb]
West Halton(SE9020)1917Christmas & Plough MondayTextWooing / Hero-Combat[Nb]
Winterton(SE9218)1920'sPlough Mon.Frag.Wooing[Nb]
Staffordshire, England
Blythe Bridge(SJ9541)c. 1920before ChristmasTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Findern (1923) "Findern" (1923) The Derbyshire Guisers
The Yorkshire Evening Post, 20th Jan.1923, No.10088, p.4g
The Yorkshire Conservative Newspaper Co. Ltd., Leeds
Derbyshire, England
Findern(SK3030)c. 1903?ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Fitzrandolph (1965) M. Fitzrandolph [ed.] (1965) I Remember - Social Life in Gloucestershire Villages 1850-1950
Gloucester, Gloucestershire Community Council, [1965], p.31
Gloucestershire, England
Lechlade(SU2199)  No TextDoubtful[Nb]
Shipton Oliffe(SP0318)late 19 cent. No TextHero-Combat[Nb]
Woolstone(SO9630)late 19 cent. No TextHero-Combat[Nb]
Fletcher (1910) J. S. Fletcher (1910) Recollections of a Yorkshire Village
London, Digby, Long and Co., 1910, pp.155-6
Yorkshire - West Riding, England
Darrington(SE4919)1875ChristmasNo TextDoubtful 
Fletcher (1936) John P. Fletcher (1936) Mumming Plays', letter to the editor
The Observer, 29th Mar.1936, p.11c
Staffordshire, England
Rocester(SK1139)1930ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat[Nb]
Worcestershire, England
Fletcher (1966) Ann Fletcher (1966) Dissertation on the Dialect of Biddulph Moor
Alsager Training College, May 1966, ff.21-30
[{HelC} XXXI 103 with further information 132]
Staffordshire, England
Biddulph Moor(SJ9058)1914Nov. 4TextHero-Combat[Nb]
Forshaw (1907) [Charles Frederick Forshaw] (1907) Yorkshire Christmas Customs, Past and Present
Yorkshire Notes and Queries, Jan.1907, Vol.III, No.10, p.295
H. C. Derwent, Bradford
Yorkshire - West Riding, England
Bradford(SE1633)c. 1907Christmas and New YearFrag.Hero-Combat 
Foster (1951) Jeanne Cooper Foster (1951) Ulster Folklore
Belfast, H. R. Carter, 1951, p.35
Antrim, Ireland
Londonderry, Ireland
Londonderry(C4316)20th ctyChristmasTextHero-Combat 
Tyrone, Ireland
Clogher Dist.(H5-5-)1960ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Fowler (1908) [Elizabeth Fowler] (1908) Between Trent and Ancholme. In and around an old-fashioned garden
Brigg, Jackson, 1908, p.316
Lincolnshire, England
Bottesford(SE8907)1882Christmas to Plough Mon.No TextWooing / Hero-Combat Visiting 
Fowler (1920) J. T. F. [J. T. Fowler (?)] (1920) [Title not given]
Notes and Queries, Series 12, 1920, Vol.VI, p.35
Lincolnshire, England
Burton upon Stather(SE8717)1920Plough Mon.Frag.Wooing / Hero-Combat[Nb]
Foxworthy Coll. Tony Foxworthy Collection
Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, England
Oxfordshire, England
Fraser (1973) Amy Stewart Fraser (1973) The Hills of Home
London, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1973, p.74
Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Ballater(NO3695)1890sNew YearFrag.Hero-Combat[Nb]
Frazer (1847) Rev. James Frazer (1847) [Untitled]
MS Notes in Rev. Stenning Johnson's (formerly vicar of West Itchenor, 1847-65) copy of PaDa at Barbican House, Lewes, 1847
[Given as East Itchenor in source: this parish disappeared in the 15th century, however, and furthermore Stenning Johnson is shown by Crockford to have held the living at West Itchenor from 1847-1865]
Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, England
Ovington(SU5631)1868ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Sussex, England
Lavant(SU8608)Bef. 1882ChristmasTextHero-Combat[Nb]
West Itchenor(SU7900)c. 1850 No TextHero-Combat 
Frederici (1867) Ricardus Frederici (1867) [Title not given]
Notes and Queries, Series 3, 1867, Vol.XII, p.479
Cheshire, England
Astbury(SJ8461)1867All Souls/ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat 
Freeman's Journal (n.d.) [Anon.] (n.d.) [Title not given]
Freeman's Journal
[quoted {PANM}]
Dublin, Ireland
Raheny(O2138)early 1800'sAfter ChristmasNo TextDoubtful 
Frew (1958) Duncan Frew (1958) MS
Ayr Carnegie Library, c.1958
Renfrewshire, Scotland
Inkerman(NS4565)c. 1900Hallowe'en or ChristmasTextHero-Combat 
Friend (1884) Hilderic Friend (1884) Mummers
Western Antiquary, 1884, Vol.III, No.10, p.192
[Bound Edition, Latimer and Son, Plymouth, 1884]
Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough, England
Brackley(SP5837)c. 1894ChristmasTextHero-Combat[Nb]
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