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Lach-Szyrma (1881) W. S. L.-S. [W. S. Lach-Szyrma] (1881) Queries. Christmas in Cornwall
Western Antiquary, Dec.1881, Vol.I, p.145
[Bound Edition, Latimer and Son, Plymouth, 1882]
Cornwall, England
Liskeard(SX2564)1867ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Lach-Szyrma (1883) W. S. L.-S. [W. S. Lach-Szyrma] (1883) Christmas Mummers in Cornwall
Western Antiquary, Feb.1883, Vol.II, p.191
[Bound Edition, Latimer and Son, Plymouth, 1883]
Cornwall, England
Pensilva(SX2969)1866ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Lamberton (1913) John P. Lamberton (1913) [Title not given]
Notes and Queries, Series 11, 1913, Vol.VII, p.311
Londonderry, Ireland
Londonderry (few miles east) early 19th ctySpringFrag.Doubtful Hero-Combat 
Langrick (1948) Miss A. E. Langrick (1948) [Title not given]
M.A. Thesis, Leeds University, 1948
Yorkshire - East Riding, England
Bubwith(SE7136)c. 1896ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat[Nb]
Latham (n.d.) John Latham M.D. (n.d.) Collection for a History of Romsey, Hampshire
BM, no date, BM Add. MS 26778, vol. v, f. 3R (p. 3)- f.5v(p.8)
Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, England
Romsey(SU3521)c. 1800ChristmasTextHero-Combat 
Laurence (1956) M. J. P. Laurence (1956) The Guisers' Play
The Scots Magazine. New Series, Dec.1956, Vol.66, No.3, pp.197-201
John Leng and Co. Ltd, Dundee

[Ref. checked by Alex Helm]
Perthshire, Scotland
Crieff(NN8621)1884New YearTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Lawrence Coll. Stuart Lawrence Collection
Lancashire, England
Askam in Furness(SD2177)Bef. 1939 TextHero-Combat 
Dalton-in-Furness(SD2374) EasterFrag.Hero-Combat 
Marton(SD2477)late 1930sEasterFrag.Hero-Combat 
Swarthmoor(SD2777) EasterTextHero-Combat 
Lawson (1899-1900) J. C. Lawson (1899-1900) A Beast Dance in Scyros
Annual of the British School at Athens, 1899-1900, No.VI, pp.125-7
Macmillan, London

["Reference valuable for general reading"]
[Reference not used in the Location Lists]
Leather (1912) Ella Mary Leather (1912) The Folklore of Herefordshire, collected from oral and printed sources
Hereford, Jakeman and Carver, 1912, pp.141-6
Herefordshire, England
Ross on Wye(SO5924)c. 1900ChristmasTextHero-Combat 
Lee (1842) Jesse Lee (1842) MS
Manchester Central Reference Library, 4th Apr.1842
[Ref. checked by Alex Helm. No precise reference, either for {HelC} or the library]
Lancashire, England
Lee (1874) Frederick George Lee (1874) [Title not given]
Notes and Queries, Series 5, 1874, Vol.II, pp.503-5
Buckinghamshire, England
Brill (a)(SP6513)1814ChristmasTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Oxfordshire, England
Thame(SP7006)c. 1882ChristmasTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Lee (1897) Sidney Lee [ed.] (1897) Dictionary of National Biography, Vol. LI
London, Smith Elder, 1897,
[s.v. Sir Walter Scott]
Midlothian, Scotland
Edinburgh(NT2573)1780's Frag.Hero-Combat 
Leishman (1909) James Fleming Leishman (1909) A Son of Knox, and other studies. Antiquarian and Biographical
Glasgow, James MacLehose and Son, 1909, pp.103, 109-13
[part reprinted from J.F.L.: The Scotsman, 31.12.1902, 8ab]
Angus, Scotland
[Unlocated] 19th ctyNew YearTextHero-Combat 
Orkney, Scotland
Deerness(HY5706)  Frag.Hero-Combat 
Roxburghshire, Scotland
Linton(NT7726)c. 1900ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Lepper (1913) R. S. Lepper (1913) [Title not given]
Notes and Queries, Series 11, 1913, Vol.VII, pp.81-3
Down, Ireland
Letherbrow (1903) E. Letherbrow (1903) [Title not given]
Manchester City News Notes and Queries, 3rd Jan.1903, p.2b
City News Office, Manchester
Derbyshire, England
Buxton(SK0673)19th ctyChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Yorkshire - West Riding, England
Halifax(SE0925)19th cty No TextHero-Combat 
Wakefield(SE3320)c. 1864ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat[Nb]
Leyland (1873) John Leyland (1873) Memorials of Hindley, Pt.1
Manchester, John Heywood, no date (Preface dated 31st.Dec.1873), p.106
Lancashire, England
Hindley(SD6104)1873EasterNo TextHero-Combat 
Lincolnshire Chronicle & Leader (1934) [Anon.] (1934) Memories of the Good Old Days
The Lincolnshire Chronicle and Leader, 3rd Feb.1934, p.14c-e
Lincolnshire Newspapers Ltd., Lincoln
Lincolnshire, England
Carlton le Moorland(SK9058)1952Plough Mon.TextWooing / Hero-Combat[Nb]
Lindley (1962) E. S. Lindley (1962) Wotton under Edge
Museum Press Ltd., London, 1962, pp.108-9
Gloucestershire, England
Wotton-under-Edge(ST7593)  No TextHero-Combat[Nb]
Lindsey Star (1902) [Anon.] (1902) [Title not given]
Lindsey Star, 11th Jan.1902
[quoted {OrdC}]
Lincolnshire, England
Scunthorpe(SE8910)1902Plough Mon.No TextDoubtful 
West Halton(SE9020)1917Christmas & Plough MondayTextWooing / Hero-Combat[Nb]
Lockhart (1837) John Gibson Lockhart (1837) Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart.
Edinburgh, Robert Cadell, 1837, Vol.V, ch. XIII, 385
Roxburghshire, Scotland
Abbotsford(NT5034)c. 1894New YearNo TextHero-Combat Visiting[Nb]
Long (1886) W. H. Long (1886) A Dictionary of the Isle of Wight Dialect
London, Reeves and Turner, 1886, pp.99-108
Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, England
Calbourne(SZ4286)c. 1840ChristmasTextHero-Combat 
Long (1930) George Long (1930) The Folklore Calendar
London, Philip Allan, 1930, pp.217-29
Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, England
Long (1952-1953) George Long (1952-1953) The Christmas Mummers of Hampshire
Hampshire Review, 1952-1953, No.14, p.12
Paul Woodhouse, Winchester
Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, England
Southwick(SU6208)1938ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Lorimer MS Hugh Lorimer (no date) MS
[quoted {DKSA}]
Ayrshire, Scotland
Cumnock(NS5620)c. 1900?Hallowe'enTextHero-Combat 
Lowe (1884) A. E. Lawson Lowe (1884) [Title not given]
Notes and Queries, Series 6, 1884, Vol.IX, p.24
Monmouthshire, Wales
[Unlocated] 1884ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Lowsley (1888) Major B. Lowsley (1888) A Glossary of Berkshire Words and Phrases
English Dialect Society, 1888, Vol.56, pp.17-22
Trübner, London
Berkshire, England
Mid-Berks. 1888ChristmasTextHero-Combat 
Steventon(SU4691)1888ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat[Nb]
Lyte & Stevenson (1905) Sir H. Maxwell Lyte & W. H. Stevenson (1905) The Manuscripts of His Grace the Duke of Rutland K.G.
London, Historical Manuscripts Commission, 1905, Vol.IV, pp.281,312-13,321-2,544
[[Authors bracketed]]
Derbyshire, England
[Unlocated] 1542JanuaryNo TextDoubtful[Nb]
Lancashire, England
[Unlocated] 15423 JanuaryNo TextDoubtful[Nb]
Wigan(SD5805)15413 JanuaryNo TextDoubtful[Nb]
Leicestershire, England
Belvoir Castle(SK8233)15376 JanuaryNo TextDoubtful[Nb]
Bottesford(SK8039)16655 MayNo TextDoubtful[Nb]
Scalford(SK7624)16655 JanuaryNo TextDoubtful[Nb]
Lincolnshire, England
Holland 154128 DecemberNo TextDoubtful[Nb]
Lincoln(SK9771)154029 DecemberNo TextDoubtful[Nb]
Sleaford(TF0645)154129 DecemberNo TextDoubtful[Nb]
Stoke Rochford(SK9227)154129 DecemberNo TextDoubtful[Nb]
Nottinghamshire, England
Newark-on-Trent(SK7953)15466 JanuaryNo TextDoubtful[Nb]
Nottingham(SK5739)154112 JanuaryNo TextDoubtful[Nb]
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