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S. (1830) W. S. (1830) Christmas Drama of St George
The Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Chronicle by Sylvanus Urban, Gent., Jun.1830, Vol.C, Pt.1, pp.505-6
J. B. Nichols (printer), London
Cornwall, England
[Unlocated] 1820'sChristmasTextHero-Combat 
Salopian Shreds & Patches (1891) [Anon.] (1891) [Title not given]
Salopian Shreds and Patches, 21st Oct.1891, Vol.X, p.153
Shropshire, England
Sandys (1833) William Sandys (1833) Christmas Carols, Ancient and Modern
London, Richard Beckley, 1833, pp. ex, cxi, 174-8
Cornwall, England
West 1833ChristmasTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Sargent (1942) Maud E. Sargent (1942) Old Christmas Pastimes
Ireland's Own, 29th Feb.1942, p.452
Peoples Newspapers Ltd, Dublin

[Ref. checked by Alex Helm]
Meath, Ireland
[Unlocated] 1941ChristmasNo TextDoubtful[Nb]
Sawyer (1883a) Frederick E. Sawyer (1883) [Title not given]
Notes and Queries, Series 6, 1883, Vol.VIII, pp.483-4
Sussex, England
Sompting(TQ1605)c. 1883ChristmasTextHero-Combat 
Sawyer (1883b) Frederick Ernest Sawyer (1883) Sussex Folk Lore and Customs connected with the Seasons
Sussex Archaeological Collections relating to the History and Antiquities of the County, 1883, Vol.XXXIII, p.256
Sussex Archaeological Society, Lewes
Sussex, England
Bramber(TQ1810)1880ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Hove(TQ2805)c. 1890ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat Visiting[Nb]
Portslade(TQ2506)1883ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Shoreham-by-Sea(TQ2105)1883ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Southwick(TQ2405)1883ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Sawyer (1884) Frederick E. Sawyer (1884) Sussex Tipteerers' Play
Folk-Lore Journal, 1884, Vol.II, pp.1-8
Sussex, England
Brighton(TQ3105) ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat 
Hastings(TQ8209)c. 1880 Frag.Hero-Combat 
Scharf & Westcott (1884) J. Thompson Scharf & Thompson Westcott (1884) History of Philadelphia, 1609-1884, II
Philadelphia, L. H. Everts, 1884, pp.934-6
Pennsylvania, United States of America
c. 1830Christmas and New YearFrag.Hero-Combat[Nb]
Schofield (1905) Sim Schofield (1905) Short Stories about Failsworth Folk
Blackpool, Union Printers, 1905, p.127
Lancashire, England
School of Scottish Studies Archives The School of Scottish Studies (no date) [Title not given], col. by Hamish Henderson
27, George Square, Edinburgh, 8, Tape Recording SA 1954/103, item 61
East Lothian, Scotland
Prestonpans(NT3874)20th cty Frag.Hero-Combat 
Scotsman (1900) [Anon.] (1900) The Late Lady John Scott Spottiswoode (obituary notice)
The Scotsman, 13th Mar.1900, No.17697, p.5a
John Ritchie and Co., Edinburgh
Berwickshire, Scotland
Spottiswoode(NT6049)1900New YearTextHero-Combat Visiting 
Scott (1822) Sir Walter Scott (1822) The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. Ill
Edinburgh, Arch. Constable and Co., 1822, p.87, note III to Marmion, Canto VI
Midlothian, Scotland
Edinburgh(NT2573)1780's Frag.Hero-Combat 
Scott (1826) Sir Walter Scott (1826) Letter to Thomas Sharp dated 7.3.1826
BM, 7th Mar.1826, BM Add. MS 43645, f. 346v
Roxburghshire, Scotland
Abbotsford(NT5034)c. 1894New YearNo TextHero-Combat Visiting[Nb]
Scott (1889) John Young Scott (1889) Golaschin
The Scotsman, 2nd Jan.1889, No.14194, p.6g
John Ritchie and Co., Edinburgh
Roxburghshire, Scotland
Hawick(NT5014)early 19th ctyChristmas to New YearTextHero-Combat 
Scott (1949) Hardiman Scott (1949) Secret Sussex
London, Batchworth, 1949, p..58
Sussex, England
East Marden(SU8014)c. 1890ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat[Nb]
Ferring(TQ0902)20th ctyChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Westbourne(SU7507)  No TextHero-Combat 
Scottish Women's Rural Institutes (1966) Scottish Women's Rural Institutes (1966) Scottish Women's Rural Institutes Village History Competition, typescript by Alexander Fenton
National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland, Edinburgh, 1966
[{HelC} XXVIII, 100 and 140]
Kircudbrightshire, Scotland
Clarebrand(NX7666) All SoulsTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Roxburghshire, Scotland
Newtown St Boswells(NT5731)1920sAll Souls or Christmas and New YearTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Seaby (1931) W. A. Seaby (1931) Notes and Queries: The Mummer's Play
Reading Mercury, 21st Feb.1931, p.2e
The Proprietor, Reading

[Pt.1 change: Title correction]
Berkshire, England
Lower Whitley(SU7269)1931ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat 
Seeley (1963) Charles Seeley (1963) F. J. Browne, M.D. ... (Obituary)
British Medical Journal, 21st Sep.1963, Vol.II, No.5359, p.754
British Medical Association, London
Monmouthshire, Wales
Abertillery(SO2104)c. 1910ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat 
Seven Champions of Christendom (Walker) [Anon.] (n.d.) Walker's Series of Juvenile Plays for Christmas and Eastertide: The Seven Champions of Christendom
London and Otiey, William Walker and Sons, no date,
Yorkshire - West Riding, England
Adel(SE2740)c. 1905ChristmasTextHero-Combat 
Shannon MS Josephine Shannon (no date) A Little Boy One Hundred Years Ago
MS in Shannon Papers, Public Archives, Nova Scotia
[Based on reminiscences of her father, Samuel Shannon 1816-1895]
Nova Scotia, Canada
Sharp (1834) Sir Cuthbert Sharp (1834) The Bishoprick Garland
London, Nichols and Baldwin and Cradock, 1834, pp.58-62
[facsimile reprint, Hills and Co., Sunderland, 1906]
Durham, England
[Unlocated] 1815ChristmasTextSword Dance 
Sharp (1880) Nina Sharp (1880) [Note on UdaR]
Folk-Lore Record, 1880, Vol.III, Pt.1, pp.113-14
Wiltshire, England
Minety(SU0091)1876 No TextHero-Combat[Nb]
Yorkshire - West Riding, England
Acomb(SE5751)1870's No TextHero-Combat 
Sharp (1911) Cecil J. Sharp (1911) The Sword Dances of Northern England together with the Horn Dance of Abbots Bromley [I]
London, Novello, [1863], pp.52-3, 58-9, 82-9
Northumberland, England
Earsdon(NZ3272)before 1900ChristmasFrag.Sword Dance + execution[Nb]
Earsdon(NZ3272)Bef. 1900ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat & Sword Dance + execution[Nb]
Yorkshire - West Riding, England
Grenoside(SK3394)1965ChristmasFrag.Sword Dance + execution 
Kirkby Malzeard(SE2374)1911Christmas to New YearFrag.Sword Dance + execution 
Sharp (1912) Cecil J. Sharp (1912) The Sword Dances of Northern England, II
London, Novello, 1912, pp.18, 26
Yorkshire - North Riding, England
Sleights (a)(NZ8607)1912Plough Mon.Frag.Sword Dance + execution 
Sharp (1913) Cecil J. Sharp (1913) The Sword Dances of Northern England, III
London, Novello, 1913, pp.10, 31, 46, 50-76, 78-9, 84, 86-90
Yorkshire - East Riding, England
Escrick(SE6243)c. 1884ChristmasTextSword Dance[Nb]
Yorkshire - North Riding, England
Ampleforth (a)(SE5878)1898ChristmasTextSword Dance[Nb]
Haxby(SE6058)1890 No TextSword Dance 
Wigginton(SE5958)1890 No TextSword Dance 
Yorkshire - West Riding, England
Askham Richard(SE5347)c. 18701 or 2 weeks after ChristmasFrag.Sword Dance 
Handsworth(SK4086)1912ChristmasNo TextSword Dance + execution[Nb]
Sharp (1927) R. J. Sharp (1927) The Sussex Mummers' Play
Word-Lore, 1927, Vol.II, No.6, pp.206-7
Folk Press Ltd., London
Sussex, England
Iping(SU8522) ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat 
Midhurst(SU8821)c. 1820ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat 
Sharp (1936) [R. J. Sharp] (1936) The Boxgrove Tipteers and their Christmas Play
The Sussex County Magazine, Dec.1936, Vol.10, No.12, pp.807-8
T. R. Beckett, Lewes
Sussex, England
Bosham(SU8004)c. 1890ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
East Marden(SU8014)c. 1890ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat[Nb]
East Preston(TQ0701)1913ChristmasTextHero-Combat 
Eastdean(TV5597)c. 1890 Frag.Hero-Combat 
Hove(TQ2805)c. 1890ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat Visiting[Nb]
Iping(SU8522) ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat 
Petworth(SU9721)c. 1900ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
West Stoke(SU8308)c. 1890 No TextHero-Combat 
Sharp Coll. R. J. Sharp Collection
Vaughan Williams Memorial Library
Sussex, England
Angmering(TQ0704) ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Bosham(SU8004)c. 1890ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
East Preston(TQ0701)1913ChristmasTextHero-Combat 
Graffham(SU9216)c. 1896 No TextHero-Combat 
Tillington(SU9621)c. 1896 No TextHero-Combat 
Upperton(SU9522)19th cty Frag.Hero-Combat 
Washington(TQ1212)  No TextHero-Combat 
Worthing(TQ1502)  No TextHero-Combat 
Sharp Field Note Books C. J. Sharp (no date) Field Note Books
Vaughan Williams Memorial Library
Middlesex, England
Hillingdon vicinity(TQ0782)c. 1870ChristmasTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Yorkshire - East Riding, England
Escrick(SE6243)c. 1884ChristmasTextSword Dance[Nb]
Yorkshire - North Riding, England
Goathland (a)(NZ8301)c. 1856Plough Mon. and EasterFrag.Sword Dance 
Kirkbymoorside (a)(SE6986)c. 1877ChristmasNo TextSword Dance + execution[Nb]
Sharp MSS C. J. Sharp (no date) Manuscripts
Clare College, Cambridge: Microfilm Copy, Vaughan Williams Memorial Library
Buckinghamshire, England
Steeple Claydon(SP7026) ChristmasNo TextDoubtful 
Durham, England
Whickham(NZ2061) ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat 
Somerset, England
Minehead(SS9746)c. 1880ChristmasTextHero-Combat 
Somerton(ST4828)  Frag.Hero-Combat 
Yorkshire - North Riding, England
Sowerby (a)(SE4381)c. 18901st Mon. after Christmas for 6 daysTextSword Dance[Nb]
Stillington (a)(SE5867)1880New YearNo TextSword Dance + execution 
Yorkshire - West Riding, England
Hampsthwaite(SE2558)c. 1840 No TextSword Dance 
Sharp Questionnaire C. J. Sharp (no date) Replies to questionnaire on Sword Dances received by C. J. Sharp
Vaughan Williams Memorial Library
Yorkshire - East Riding, England
Great Driffield(TA0257)c. 1911Christmas and MartinmasFrag.Doubtful 
Yorkshire - North Riding, England
East Harlsey(SE4299)Bef. 1912ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Helmsley(SE6183)1912ChristmasNo TextDoubtful 
Kirk Leavington(NZ4309)c. 1900 No TextHero-Combat 
Yorkshire - West Riding, England
Woodhouse(SK4184)c. 1887ChristmasNo TextSword Dance + execution 
Sharp,R.J. MS R. J. Sharp (no date) MS
in: Everard L.Guilford manuscripts, Nottinghamshire County Record Office, M9915/13 & 20
Sussex, England
East Marden(SU8014)c. 1890ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat[Nb]
West Worthing(TQ1302)  No TextHero-Combat[Nb]
Shipside (1956) Tom Shipside (1956) I lived in a Village
Nottingham, privately printed for the Woolston Book Co., n.d.. [1956], pp.40-1
Nottinghamshire, England
Oxton(SK6351)1880sPlough MondayNo TextWooing / Hero-Combat[Nb]
Shoemaker (1959) Alfred L. Shoemaker (1959) Christmas Mummers
in: Christmas in Pennsylvania; a Folk Cultural Study, 2nd printing, , Nottingham, privately printed for the Woolston Book Co., n.d.. [1956], pp.40-1
Kutztown, Pennsylvania Folklife Society, 1959, pp.21-3
[Ref. checked by Alex Helm]
Pennsylvania, United States of America
c. 1830Christmas and New YearFrag.Hero-Combat[Nb]
Simons (1905) S. F. Simons (1905) Notes and Queries No. 10473
Manchester City News, 25th Feb.1905, p.2cd
City News Office, Manchester
Lancashire, England
Prestwich(SD8103) EasterFrag.Hero-Combat 
Slight (1841-1842) Henry Slight (1841-1842) Christmas: his pageant play or mystery of St. George, as played by the itinerant actors and mummers in the courts of nobility and gentry, the villages, in the halls of the ancient corporations and guild merchants and in the public hostelries and taverns
The Archaeologist and Journal of Antiquarian Science, Sep.1841-Feb.1842, Vol.I, pp.176-83
[Unlocated], Great Britain
[Unlocated]  ChristmasTextHero-Combat 
Smith & Smith (1881) Henry Smith & C. Roach Smith (1881) Isle of Wight Words
English Dialect Society, 1881, Vol.32, pp.63-4
Trübner, London
Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, England
Isle of Wight - eastern part c. 1880ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat 
Smith (1871) W. J. Bernhard Smith (1871) [Title not given]
Notes and Queries, Series 4, 1871, Vol.VII, p.245
Berkshire, England
Radley(SU5398)1871JanuaryNo TextHero-Combat[Nb]
Smith (1911) Edward Smith (1911) The Life of Sir Joseph Banks, .... John Lane
London, The Bodley Head, 1911, p.306
[Reference not used in the Location Lists]
Smith (1947) Alan Smith (1947) A West Kent Christmas Mummers' Play
The Kent County Journal, Jan./Mar.1947, Vol.7, No.4, pp.97-8
English Life Group, Derby
Kent, England
Shoreham(TQ5261)c. 1900ChristmasTextHero-Combat 
Smith (1958) Sidney Smith (1958) The Practice of Kingship in early Semitic Kingdoms
in: Myth, Ritual and Kingship, ed. by S. H. Hooke
Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1958, pp.41-73
["Reference valuable for general reading"]
[Reference not used in the Location Lists]
Snell (1904) F. J. Snell (1904) Early Associations of Archbishop Temple
London, Hutchinson, 1904, pp.213-18
Devonshire, England
Tiverton(SS9512)early 19th ctyChristmasTextHero-Combat 
Southern Daily Echo (1957) [Anon.] (1957) The Days of Danes and Mummers
Southern Daily Echo, 27th Dec.1957
Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, England
Marchwood(SU3809)20th ctyChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat 
Spratley (1977) Philip Spratley (1977) Mid East Mumming
London, EFDSS, 1977,
Lincolnshire, England
Claypole(SK8549)1930sPlough MondayTextWooing / Hero-Combat[Nb]
Fenton(SK8750)c. 1939Plough MondayTextWooing / Hero-Combat[Nb]
Foston(SK8542)1930s TextWooing / Hero-Combat[Nb]
Long Bennington(SK8344)early 20 cent. TextWooing / Hero-Combat[Nb]
Nottinghamshire, England
Cropwell Bishop(SK6835)1914Plough MondayTextWooing / Hero-Combat[Nb]
Staunton in the Vale(SK8043)c. 1937 TextWooing / Hero-Combat[Nb]
St Johnston (1939) S. A. St Johnston (1939) MS
Haslemere Museum, 18th Jan.1939
[{HelC} XXX 160]
Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, England
Surrey, England
Stevens (1888) Joseph Stevens (1888) A Parochial History of St Mary Bourne with an account of the Manor of Hurstbourne Priors, Hants.
London, Whiting, 1888, pp.339-41
Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, England
St. Mary Bourne(SU4250)1874ChristmasTextHero-Combat 
Stevenson Coll. Miss K. M. Stevenson Collection
Lancashire, England
Penny Bridge(SD3082)1930's TextHero-Combat[Nb]
Stokoe (1887) John Stokoe (1887) Notes on the Sword Dancers' Song and Interlude
The Monthly Chronicle of North Country Lore and Legend, Dec.1887, Vol.I, No.10, pp.462-3, 465
Walter Scott, Newcastle upon Tyne
[Reference not used in the Location Lists]
Stone (1912) Sir Benjamin Stone Collection
Birmingham Reference Library, 1912, Box 226. Negative numbers 23358-23361
Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, England
Milford on Sea(SZ2891)c. 1860 No TextHero-Combat 
Styring (1923) C. W. Styring (1923) Another Version'
The Yorkshire Evening Post, 19th Jan.1923, No.10087, p.7e
The Yorkshire Conservative Newspaper Co. Ltd., Leeds
Yorkshire - West Riding, England
Garforth(SE4033)c. 1873 Frag.Hero-Combat 
Swailes (1923) J. W. Swailes (1923) [Title not given]
The Yorkshire Evening Post, 22nd Jan.1923, No.10089, p.50
The Yorkshire Conservative Newspaper Co. Ltd., Leeds
Yorkshire - West Riding, England
Keighley (b)(SE0641)early 1870sChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat 
Swift (1949) Eric Swift (1949) The Leicestershire Mummers Play
The Leicestershire and Rutland Magasine, Dec.1949, Vol.2, No.1, pp.35-6, 38-40
Edgar Backus, Leicester
Leicestershire, England
Burbage(SP4492)1850'sPlough MondayFrag.Hero-Combat[Nb]
Gilmorton(SP5787)c. 1892ChristmasTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Market Bosworth(SK4003)c. 1840Plough Mon.No TextDoubtful[Nb]
Osgathorpe(SK4319) Plough MondayFrag.Doubtful[Nb]
Walcote(SP5683)  No TextHero-Combat 
Swift Coll. Eric Swift Collection
Leicestershire, England
Burbage(SP4492)1850'sPlough MondayFrag.Hero-Combat[Nb]
Gilmorton(SP5787)c. 1892ChristmasTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Osgathorpe(SK4319) Plough MondayFrag.Doubtful[Nb]
Rutland, England
Manton(SK8804)19 cent.Plough MondayNo TextDoubtful[Nb]
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