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W. (1941) E. M. W. (1941) Pace Eggers' Play from North Lancashire
Folk-Lore, 1941, Vol.LII, pp.150-2
Lancashire, England
Cark(SD3676)19th ctyEasterTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Wace (1909-1910) A. J. B. Wace (1909-1910) North Greek Festivals and the Worship of Dionysos
The Annual of the British School at Athens, 1909-1910, No.XVI, pp.232-53
Macmillan, London

["Reference valuable for general reading"]
[Reference not used in the Location Lists]
Wace (1912) A. J. B. Wace (1912) Mumming Plays in the Southern Balkans
The Annual of the British School at Athens, 1912-1913, No.XIX, pp.248-65
Macmillan, London

["Reference valuable for general reading"]
[Reference not used in the Location Lists]
Walcott (1862) Mackenzie E. C. Walcott (1862) [Title not given]
Notes and Queries, Series 3, 1862, Vol.I, p.66
Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, England
South-west 1861ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat 
Walker Coll. Gracie Walker Collection
Lancashire, England
Walker's New Mummer (n.d.) [Anon.] (n.d.) Walker's New Mummer or The Wassail Cup
Otley, William Walker, no date,
[Unlocated], England
[Unlocated]   TextHero-Combat 
Walsh (1939) Sadie Walsh (1939) Communication
Ireland's Own, 26th Aug.1939, p.32
[Ref. checked by Alex Helm]
Wexford, Ireland
Kereight(T0026)1938Winter Sunday nightsNo TextHero-Combat[Nb]
Ware (1966) Edwin M. Ware (1966) Memories of Old Customs
St. Edmunds [Northwood Hills] Review, Jan.1966, No.97 N.S., pp.9-10
[Pt.1 change: Author and journal title correction]
Middlesex, England
Hatch End(TQ1391)1902DecemberNo TextHero-Combat 
Warren (1874) Charles F. S. Warren (1874) [Title not given]
Notes and Queries, Series 5, 1874, Vol.I, p.68
Sussex, England
Midhurst(SU8821)c. 1820ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat 
Waters (1958) Ivor Waters (1958) Chepstow Miscellany
Chepstow, Chepstow Society, 1958, p.3
Monmouthshire, Wales
Chepstow(ST5393)c. 1913ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat 
Webb (1951) Rev. A. D. Webb (1951) Revival of the Ampleforth Sword Dance
English Dance and Song, May 1951, Vol.XV, No.6, p.179
Yorkshire - North Riding, England
Ampleforth (a)(SE5878)1898ChristmasTextSword Dance[Nb]
Webb (1967) Dave Webb (1967) Headington Mummers' Play
Heritage Magazine, Hilary Term 1967, pp.12-13
Oxford University Heritage Society
Oxfordshire, England
Headington Quarry(SP5507)1966ChristmasTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Wells (1906) Samuel Wells (1906) The Folk Lore of Some Yorkshire Dales
Yorkshire Notes and Queries, Dec.1906, Vol.III, No.9, p.268
H. C. Derwent, Bradford
Yorkshire - North Riding, England
Richmond (b)(NZ1701)1906DecemberTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Welti Coll. David Welti Collection
[Listed in ERD as {VauC}]
Leicestershire, England
Branston(SK8029)c. 1909Christmas and Plough MondayTextWooing / Hero-Combat[Nb]
Nottinghamshire, England
Gonalston(SK6847)  No TextWooing / Hero-Combat[Nb]
Westerling (1939) Margaret Westerling (1939) Country Contentments
London, Constable, 1939, pp.47, 223-4
Gloucestershire, England
Blockley(SP1634)late 19th ctyChristmasTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Stanton(SP0634)1939 No TextHero-Combat 
Warwickshire, England
Bidford-on-Avon(SP1051)c. 1886ChristmasTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Whitaker (1878) Thomas Dunham Whitaker (1878) The History and Antiquities of the Deanery of Craven, 3rd edition with many additions and corrections, ed. by A. W. Morant
London, Cassell Petter and Galpin, 1878, pp.549-50
[Ref. checked by Alex Helm]
Yorkshire - West Riding, England
Skipton(SD9851)1606ChristmasNo TextDoubtful[Nb]
Whitfield Coll. Christopher Whitfield Collection
Gloucestershire, England
Chipping Campden(SP1539)1965ChristmasTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Whiting (1923) C. E. Whiting (1923) A Plough Monday Play
The Durham University Journal, Dec.1923, Vol.XXIV, No.1, pp.39-43
The Durham Colleges Council, Durham
Yorkshire - West Riding, England
Hemsworth(SE4213) Plough Mon.No TextHero-Combat 
Hooton Pagnell(SE4808)1913Plough Mon.TextHero-Combat 
Mexborough(SK4799) Plough Mon.No TextHero-Combat 
Whittle (1885) William Whittle (1885) [Title not given]
The Evening Telegraph, 21st & 24th Dec.1885
St Johns
Newfoundland, Canada
St John's(47.56583,
Wigg (1930) M. Dorothea Wigg (1930) Christmas Mumming
The Northampton County Magazine, Dec.1930, Vol.Ill, No.36, p.328
Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough, England
Walgrave(SP8072)late 19 cent.?ChristmasTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Wildmoor (1884) "Wildmoor" (1884) Christmas Mummers in Shropshire
Salopian Shreds and Patches, 24th Dec.1884, Vol.7, p.12
Eddowes's Shrewsbury Journal, Shrewsbury

[Bound Edition 1885]
Shropshire, England
Wilkinson (1867) John H. Wilkinson (1867) Leeds Dialect Glossary and Lore
the Author, Leeds, 1867, p.163
Yorkshire - West Riding, England
Leeds(SE3033)1861Easter or ChristmasTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Wilkinson MS Rev. R. F. Wilkinson (no date) MS notebook
Nottinghamshire County Record Office, DDW 126/7.
Nottinghamshire, England
Flintham(SK7445)c. 1925Plough Mon.TextWooing / Hero-Combat[Nb]
Laxton(SK7266)c. 1900Christmas and Plough MondayTextWooing / Hero-Combat[Nb]
Williams (1912) Alfred Williams (1912) A Wiltshire Village
London, Duckworth, 1912, p.243
Wiltshire, England
South Marston(SU1987) ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat 
Stratton St. Margaret(SU1787)Bef. 1912ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Williams (1922) Alfred Williams (1922) Round About the Upper Thames
London, Duckworth, 1922, pp.232,307-12
Wiltshire, England
Cricklade (a)(SU0993)c. 1872ChristmasTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Inglesham(SU2098)c. 1840ChristmasTextHero-Combat 
Williams (1923) Alfred Williams (1923) Folk Songs of the Upper Thames
London, Duckworth, 1923, pp.170-1
Wiltshire, England
Cricklade (b)(SU0993) Bark Harvest and ChristmasFrag.Unclassified 
Williams (1926) Alfred Williams (1926) A Wiltshire Mummers' Play
Wiltshire Gazette, 30th Dec.1926, pp.3c-e
Wiltshire, England
Lydiard Millicent(SU0986) ChristmasTextHero-Combat 
Williams Coll. Alfred Williams Collection
Swindon Public Library
Berkshire, England
Gloucestershire, England
Lechlade(SU2199)  No TextDoubtful[Nb]
Oxfordshire, England
Aston(SP3302) ChristmasTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Chimney(SP3500) ChristmasTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Standlake(SP3902) ChristmasNo TextDoubtful Hero-Combat 
Wiltshire, England
?Highworth(SU2092) ChristmasTextHero-Combat 
Cricklade (a)(SU0993)c. 1872ChristmasTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Wilson (1826) T. Wilson [printer] (1826) Alexander and the King of Egypt; a Mock Play, as it is acted by the Mummers every Christmas
Whitehaven, [1863],
[quoted {HonE}, II, cols. 1645-8]
Cumberland, England
Wilson (1938) Edward Meryon Wilson (1938) An unpublished version of the Pace-Eggers' Play
Folk-Lore, 1938, Vol.XLIX, pp.36-44
Westmorland, England
Underbarrow(SD4692)c. 1913EasterTextHero-Combat 
Wiltshire (1908) F. H. Wiltshire (1908) Christmas Play as acted in the old Borough Town of Wootton Bassett, Wilts
The Antiquary, Dec.1908, Vol.XLIV, p.469
Elliot Stock, London
Wiltshire, England
Wootton Bassett(SU0682)c. 1860ChristmasFrag.Hero-Combat 
Wolfram (1935) Dr Richard Wolfram (1935) Ritual and Dramatic Associations of Sword and "Chain" Dances
Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society, 1935, Vol.II, f.p.38
[Reference not used in the Location Lists]
Wood (1890) E. Bentley Wood (1890) Plough Jags
Lincolnshire Notes and Queries, 1890, Vol.II, Pt.3, pp.88-9
W. K. Morton, Horncastle
Lincolnshire, England
[Unlocated] 1890 TextHero-Combat + Dame Jane 
Wood (1965) G. Bernard Wood (1965) North Country Amusements of Long Ago
Country Life, 2nd Dec.1965, Vol.CXXXVIII, No.3587, p.1513
[Ref. checked by Alex Helm]
Yorkshire - North Riding, England
Muker(SD9197)c. 1880s No TextDoubtful Hero-Combat[Nb]
Woodford (1939) F. P. Woodford (1939) History of Kibworth and Personal Reminiscences
London, Stockwell, [1863], p.35,48
Leicestershire, England
Kibworth(SP6894)1860'sChristmasNo TextHero-Combat[Nb]
Woodforde (1924) Rev. James Woodforde (1924) The Diary of a Country Parson, The Reverend James Woodforde, 1758-1781, ed. John Beresford [Vol. I]
London, Oxford University Press, 1924, p.83
Somerset, England
Ansford(ST6333)1769Jan.2ndNo TextDoubtful Visiting 
Woodgate (1953) Rev. D. D. Woodgate (1953) Text of Plough Monday Play performed at Bothamsall. presented to the Rev. D.D.Woodgate 1953
in: Woodgate MS, Nottinghamshire County Record Office, DD31/1, 1953
Nottinghamshire, England
Bothamsall (2nd entry)(SK6773)1914Plough MondayTextWooing / Hero-Combat[Nb]
Wortley Coll. Russell Wortley Collection
Berkshire, England
Cumnor(SP4604)1929 No TextHero-Combat 
Buckinghamshire, England
Brill (b)(SP6513)20th cty TextHero-Combat 
Oakley(SP6412)c. 1914ChristmasTextHero-Combat 
Gloucestershire, England
Cinderford(SO6513) ChristmasTextHero-Combat 
Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough, England
Shutlanger(SP7249)c. 1890ChristmasNo TextDoubtful 
Oxfordshire, England
Wright & Lones (1938) A. R. Wright & T. E. Lones (1938) British Calendar Customs, England, II
London, Folk-Lore Society, 1938, pp.96-8, pi. V
Lincolnshire, England
Alkborough(SE8821)1917ChristmasTextWooing / Hero-Combat 
Burringham(SE8309)1934Plough Mon.Frag.Wooing / Hero-Combat 
Flixborough(SE8715)c. 1894 No TextWooing / Hero-Combat[Nb]
Wright (1905) Joseph Wright (1905) The English Dialect Dictionary, VI
Oxford, Henry Frowde, 1905, pp.162a,395a
Kent, England
Royal Tunbridge Wells(TQ5839)c. 1840 No TextDoubtful[Nb]
Sussex, England
Chidham(SU7803)1858 No TextDoubtful[Nb]
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