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Location Grid Ref. Extant Time of Appearance Text Play Class Sources Note
[Unlocated] 18 cent.ChristmasNo TextHero-CombatPolwhele (1803) [1.]
[Unlocated] 1824ChristmasNo TextHero-CombatHitchins & Drew (1824)  
[Unlocated] 1820'sChristmasTextHero-CombatGilbert (1822), Hone (1826), S. (1830)  
Cadgwith(SW7214) ChristmasFrag.Hero-CombatMiners (1928)  
Camborne(SW6440)c. 1860ChristmasTextHero-CombatTiddy (1923), Carpenter Coll. [2.]
Connor Downs(SW5939) ChristmasFrag.Hero-CombatMiners (1928)  
Fraddon(SW9158) ChristmasFrag.Hero-CombatMiners (1928)  
Germoe(SW5829) ChristmasFrag.Hero-CombatMiners (1928)  
Liskeard(SX2564)1867ChristmasNo TextHero-CombatLach-Szyrma (1881)  
Ludgvan vicinity(SW5133)Bef. 1758ChristmasNo TextHero-CombatBorlase (1758) [3.]
Madron(SW4532) ChristmasTextHero-CombatCarpenter Coll. [1.]
Manaccan(SW7625)1887ChristmasFrag.Hero-CombatMiners (1928)  
Mullion(SW6719)1890ChristmasNo TextDoubtfulGrove (1899) [4.]
Mylor(SW8135)Second half of 19th ctyChristmasTextHero-CombatPeter (1916)  
Newlyn(SW4628)c. 1850ChristmasNo TextHero-CombatKelynack (1953)  
Padstow(SW9175)c. 1845ChristmasTextHero-CombatVaughan Williams Memorial Library Coll., Carpenter Coll. [2.]
Penponds(SW6339) ChristmasFrag.Hero-CombatCarpenter Coll., Miners (1928) [5.]
Penpont(SX0874)  Frag.Hero-CombatMiners (1928) [6.]
Penrose(SW8770) ChristmasNo TextHero-CombatMiners (1928)  
Pensilva(SX2969)1866ChristmasNo TextHero-CombatLach-Szyrma (1883)  
Polperro(SX2151)c. 1830ChristmasFrag.Hero-CombatCouch & Couch (1871)  
Redruth(SW6941)c. 1910ChristmasTextHero-CombatN. (1925a)  
Ruan Minor(SW7115) ChristmasNo TextHero-CombatMiners (1928)  
St. Austell(SX0152)19th ctyChristmasNo TextHero-CombatRowse (1942)  
St. Keverne(SW7821)c. 1850ChristmasFrag.Hero-CombatN. (1925b)  
St. Martin(SX2655)1887ChristmasFrag.Hero-CombatMiners (1928)  
Stithians(SW7336)c. 1914ChristmasTextHero-CombatMiners (1928)  
West 1833ChristmasTextHero-CombatSandys (1833) [7.]


1.Pt.3 addition
2.Pt.2 changes: Extant year and source Carpenter Coll. added
3.Dr Borlase was Rector of Ludgvan and lived there from 1722 onwards. We have assumed that he saw the plays to which he referred in that vicinity.
4.See p.19. [This play was performed in silence]
5.Pt.2 change: New entry following correction of Penpont to Penponds
6.Pt.2 change: Delete entire entry : amend to read [Penponds, Christmas]
7.Pt.1 change: New note: See Roomer, Vol.I No.1, p.5
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