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Daily Chronicle
27th Dec.-?-Chandler (n.d.)
30th Dec.-?-Jarvis (n.d.)
Daily Graphic
4th Jan.1894, Vol.XVII, No.1253, p.4bcP. (1894)
Daily Telegraph and Morning Post
22nd Dec.1952, p.5gDaily Telegraph & Morning Post (1952)
Dalesman, The
Oct.1960, Vol.XXII, No.7, pp.506-7Mitchell (1960)
Dean Forest Mercury
31st Dec.1926, p.3dDean Forest Mercury (1926)
Derby Evening Telegraph
2nd May 1958, pp.6c-fArcher (1958)
Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Society Journal
Jan.1907, Vol.XXIX, p.42Bowles (1907)
Derbyshire Countryside
Apr.1931, Vol.I, No.2, p.29Evans (1931)
Jan./Mar.1951, Vol.XVIII, No.5, p.92Christian (1951)
Dec.1957/Jan.1958, Vol.XXIII, No.1, pp.22-3, 35Meynell (1957-1958)
Derwent News Letter
Apr.1916Pike (1916)
Devon and Cornwall Notes and Queries
1916-1917, Vol.IX, pp.228-32Chalk (1916-1917)
1918-1919, Vol.X, p.9Clarke (1918-1919)
1931, Vol.10, No.3, pp.42-4Macnamara (1931)
Dublin University Magazine
Jul.-Dec.1863, Vol.LXII, pp.584-6Kennedy (1863)
Durham University Journal
Dec.1923, Vol.XXIV, No.1, pp.39-43Whiting (1923)
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