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Saga Book of the Viking Club
1901, Vol.III, Pt.1, p.40Heanley (1901)
Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser
1st Aug.1896, p.2eClutterbuck (1896)
Salopian Shreds and Patches
24th Dec.1884, Vol.7, p.12Wildmoor (1884)
21st Oct.1891, Vol.X, p.153Salopian Shreds & Patches (1891)
Saltire Review
Autumn 1958, Vol.V, No.16, pp.42, 44Taylor (1958)
Schoolmaster and Woman Teacher's Chronicle
20th Dec.1928, p.1122Hansford (1928)
Scots Magazine. New Series
Dec.1956, Vol.66, No.3, pp.197-201Laurence (1956)
Scotsman, The
31st Dec.1888, No.14192, p.5dD. (1888)
2nd Jan.1889, No.14194, p.6gScott (1889)
13th Mar.1900, No.17697, p.5aScotsman (1900)
Sleaford Gazette
17th Jan.1936, -?-defTucker (1936)
Somerset Record Society Publications
1890, Vol.IV, pp. xiv, xxii-xxiii, 184Hobhouse (1890)
Southern Daily Echo
27th Dec.1957Southern Daily Echo (1957)
St. Edmunds [Northwood Hills] Review
Jan.1966, No.97 N.S., pp.9-10Ware (1966)
Stirling Antiquary (reprinted from The Stirling Sentinel, 1888-1893)
1893, Vol.I, pp.67-9Cook (1893)
Studia Hibernica
1966, Vol.6, pp.114-45 passimGailey (1966)
Studies in Philology
1920, Vol.XVII, No.i, pp.19-87Baskervill (1920)
Sunday Times
9th Jan.1966, No.7442, p.13cJohnson (1966)
Surrey Magazine
Jan.1902, Vol.III, p.287Chancellor (1902)
Surtees Society
1878, Vol.68, pp.130, 182,193Ornsby (1878)
Sussex Archaeological Collections
1901, Vol.XLIV, pp.178-183Boger (1901)
Sussex Archaeological Collections relating to the History and Antiquities of the County
1883, Vol.XXXIII, p.256Sawyer (1883b)
Sussex County Magazine
Dec.1927, Vol.I, No.13, pp.545-8Beckett (1927)
Dec.1936, Vol.10, No.12, pp.807-8Sharp (1936)
Sussex Notes and Queries
1932-1933, Vol.IV, pp.168-9Baldwin & Ridsdale (1932-1933)
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