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Location Grid Ref. Extant Time of Appearance Text Play Class Sources Note
Acton(TQ1980)c. 1860 No TextHero-CombatMitchell (1913)  
Brentford(TQ1877)1891Nov. 30th and ChristmasFrag.Hero-CombatOrdish Coll., Ordish (1899)  
Chiswick(TQ2077)c. 1870ChristmasTextHero-CombatPiesse (1860), O (1874)  
Eastcote(TQ1088)1908ChristmasTextHero-CombatVaughan Williams Memorial Library Coll., Kemp (1963) [1.]
Harefield(TQ0590)c. 1903ChristmasTextHero-CombatBucks Herald (1923)  
Hatch End(TQ1391)1902DecemberNo TextHero-CombatWare (1966)  
Hillingdon vicinity(TQ0782)c. 1870ChristmasTextHero-CombatSharp Field Note Books [2.]
Mill Hill(TQ2292)1901ChristmasTextHero-CombatOrdish (1901), Ordish Coll.  
Pinner(TQ1289)1902ChristmasTextHero-CombatWare (1966)  
Sudbury(TQ1685)1885ChristmasTextHero-CombatNewman (1930)  
Turnham Green(TQ2078)1860DecemberTextHero-CombatPiesse (1860)  
West Drayton(TQ0679)c. 1900ChristmasTextHero-CombatCox (1964)  
Yiewsley(TQ0680)1913ChristmasNo TextHero-CombatHelm Coll.  


1.Pt.2 change: Source Kemp (1963) added
Pt.3 change: 1908 added
2.The full location given in Sharp Field Note Books is Hillingdon/Iver/Cowley/Uxbridge vicinity.
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