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Location Grid Ref. Extant Time of Appearance Text Play Class Sources Note
?North  ChristmasTextHero-CombatTiddy (1923)  
Ansford(ST6333)1769Jan.2ndNo TextDoubtful VisitingWoodforde (1924)  
Camely(ST6057) ChristmasNo TextHero-CombatKettlewell (1927)  
Castle Cary(ST6332)c. 1870ChristmasFrag.Hero-CombatCastle Gary Visitor (1889) [1.]
Dunster(SS9843)1405ChristmasNo TextDoubtfulHancock (1903)  
East Harptree(ST5655)1900ChristmasTextHero-CombatKettlewell (1910), Kettlewell (1927)  
Ilchester(ST5222)mid 19 cent. No TextHero-CombatCox (1970) [2.]
Keynsham(ST6568)c. 1884ChristmasTextHero-CombatHunter (1822), Cantle (n.d.), Carpenter Coll. [3.]
Kingston St. Mary(ST2229)1935 No TextDoubtfulTongue Coll.  
Minehead(SS9746)c. 1880ChristmasTextHero-CombatKille (1908), Ordish Coll., Sharp MSS  
Somerton(ST4828)  Frag.Hero-CombatSharp MSS  
Stogursey(ST2042)1910ChristmasFrag.Hero-CombatTongue (1965), Tongue Coll.  
Tintinhull(ST5019)1451ChristmasNo TextDoubtfulHobhouse (1890)  
West  New Year's Eve to Twelfth NightTextHero-CombatTongue Coll.  


1.The play begins with a conventional 'Hero-Combat' action, and is then followed by a wooing between a shepherd and shepherdess (no text given). This in turn is followed by a scene with a drunkard and a doctor, for which again no text is given.
2.Pt.3 addition
3.Pt.2 changes: 1822 changed to c.1894. Source Carpenter Coll. added
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