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Location Grid Ref. Extant Time of Appearance Text Play Class Sources Note
Ballinesker(T1128)  No TextDoubtfulIrish Folklore Commission MSS  
Ballybrennan(T0613)c. 1820ChristmasTextHero-CombatKennedy (1863)  
Bannow(S8307)c. 1856WinterFrag.Hero-CombatVaughan Williams Memorial Library Coll., Irish Folklore Commission MSS  
Bargy Commons(S9716)c. 1914ChristmasTextHero-CombatHudleston,N.A. Coll., Omurethi (1908) [1.]
Churchtown(T1205)1954 No TextHero-CombatEvening Herald (1955) [2.]
Curracloe(T0927)1914 No TextHero-CombatIrish Folklore Commission MSS  
Enniscorthy(S9739)1952ChristmasTextHero-CombatBBC (1952b)  
Ferns(T0149) Hallowe'en to Shrove TuesdayTextHero-CombatO'Toole (1930)  
Forth Commons(S9817)c. 1914ChristmasTextHero-CombatHudleston,N.A. Coll., Omurethi (1908) [1.]
Glynn(S9625)  TextHero-CombatO'Dubhgaill (1937), Irish Folklore Commission MSS [2.]
Kereight(T0026)1938Winter Sunday nightsNo TextHero-CombatWalsh (1939) [2.]
Kilmore(S9906)c. 1920 TextHero-CombatHudleston,N.A. Coll. [3.]
Newbawn(S8221)  Frag.Hero-CombatIrish Folklore Commission MSS  
Poulpeasty(S9024)  Frag.Hero-CombatIrish Folklore Commission MSS  
Rathangan(S9409)  No TextDoubtfulIrish Folklore Commission MSS [4.]
Rosslare Harbour(T1312)1955 TextHero-CombatHudleston (1964), Evening Herald (1955) [5.]
Saltmills(S7908)1938 Frag.Hero-CombatIrish Folklore Commission MSS  
Screen(S8004)  No TextDoubtful Hero-CombatEvening Herald (1955) [2.]
Wellington Bridge(S8513)c. 1934 Frag.Hero-CombatIrish Folklore Commission MSS  
White Mill(52.32242,
  No TextHero-CombatIrish Folklore Commission MSS [6.]


1.These three texts are identical [Bargy and Forth Commons, Kilmore and Rosslare Harbour]
Pt.2 change: Source Omurethi (1908) added
2.Pt.3 addition
3.These three texts are identical [Bargy and Forth Commons, Kilmore and Rosslare Harbour]
4.Irish Folklore Commission MSS states this is in Co. Wexford, but the only place of this name we can find is in Co. Kildare
This Rathangan since located near Duncormick, Co. Wexford (Electronic ed. Addition, 2007)
5.These three texts are identical [Bargy and Forth Commons, Kilmore and Rosslare Harbour]
Pt.2 changes: c.1914 changed to 1955. Source Evening Herald (1955) added
6.We are unable to trace this location on the Irish Ordnance Survey Maps
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