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Compiled by E.C.Cawte, A.Helm & N.Peacock. Online ed.: P.T.Millington

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Location Grid Ref. Extant Time of Appearance Text Play Class Sources Note
Aberford(SE4337)1902ChristmasNo TextHero-CombatPeacock Coll.  
Acaster Malbis(SE5845) Plough Mon.TextHero-CombatKennedy (1930)  
Acomb(SE5751)1870's No TextHero-CombatSharp (1880)  
Adel(SE2740)c. 1905ChristmasTextHero-CombatPeacock Coll., Needham Coll., Greenwood (1923), Manning (1895-1910), Seven Champions of Christendom (Walker)  
Anston(SK5184)  Frag.DoubtfulBroadwood & Fuller-Maitland (1893) [1.]
Appleton Roebuck(SE5542)c. 1891Plough Monday?No TextDoubtful Hero-CombatAitken (1951) [2.]
Askham Richard(SE5347)c. 18701 or 2 weeks after ChristmasFrag.Sword DanceSharp (1913)  
Bingley (a)(SE1039)late 19th ctyChristmasNo TextDoubtful Sword DanceDodd (1958)  
Bingley (b)(SE1039)1939ChristmasNo TextDoubtful Hero-CombatDodd (1958) [3.]
Bradford(SE1633)c. 1907Christmas and New YearFrag.Hero-CombatForshaw (1907)  
Brighouse(SE1423)1962Easter and ChristmasNo TextHero-CombatYorks.Folk-Lore Journal (1888b), Peacock Coll., Robinson (1956), Helm Coll.  
Burghwallis(SE5312)c. 1820ChristmasNo TextDoubtfulCharlton (1949)  
Burton in Lonsdale(SD6572)  Frag.Hero-CombatVaughan Williams Memorial Library Coll.  
Carlton(SE6423)1662ChristmasNo TextDoubtfulCox (1902)  
Clayton(SE4507)c. 1878ChristmasFrag.Hero-CombatCawte Coll.  
Clifford(SE4244)1955ChristmasTextHero-CombatPeacock Coll.  
Crosland Moor(SE1114)  Frag.Hero-CombatChambers Coll. [2.]
Darrington(SE4919)1875ChristmasNo TextDoubtfulFletcher (1910)  
Dent(SD7087)Bef. 1930EasterTextHero-CombatBBC (1954c), Pearson (1930)  
Drax(SE6726)early 20th cty No TextHero-CombatCowling (1924)  
Eastwood(SD9625)c. 1895EasterFrag.Hero-CombatKendall (1923)  
Ecclesfield(SK3593)1870'sChristmasNo TextHero-CombatGatty (1948)  
Elland(SE1020)c. 1880EasterNo TextHero-CombatHarwood & Marsden (1935)  
Garforth(SE4033)c. 1873 Frag.Hero-CombatStyring (1923)  
Grassington(SE0064)early 19th ctyChristmasFrag.Sword DanceDixon (1846)  
Greetland(SE0821)c. 1880EasterNo TextHero-CombatHarwood & Marsden (1935)  
Grenoside(SK3394)1965ChristmasFrag.Sword Dance + executionSharp (1911), Peacock Coll.  
Halifax(SE0925)19th cty No TextHero-CombatLetherbrow (1903)  
Hampsthwaite(SE2558)c. 1840 No TextSword DanceSharp MSS  
Handsworth(SK4086)1912ChristmasNo TextSword Dance + executionSharp (1913) [4.]
Harrogate(SE3055)1909 Frag.Hero-CombatVaughan Williams Memorial Library Coll., Carpenter Coll. [5.]
Headingley(SE2736)1911ChristmasTextHero-CombatCowling (1924), Moorman (1911), Cawte Coll.  
Hebden Bridge(SD9927)c. 1930EasterNo TextHero-CombatHarwood & Marsden (1935), Brennan (1976) [6.]
Hemsworth(SE4213) Plough Mon.No TextHero-CombatWhiting (1923)  
Heptonstall(SD9827)c. 1912EasterTextHero-CombatTiddy (1923), Peacock Coll., Robinson (1956), Mitchell (1960)  
High Bentham(SD6669)c. 1880?EasterNo TextHero-CombatPeacock Coll.  
Hipperholme(SE1225)c. 1880 No TextHero-CombatHarwood & Marsden (1935)  
Hooton Pagnell(SE4808)1913Plough Mon.TextHero-CombatWhiting (1923)  
Hunslet(SE3031)  Frag.Hero-CombatBower (1923)  
Idle(SE1737)1873 Frag.DoubtfulCarpenter Coll. [2.]
Illingworth(SE0628)c. 1860Shrovetide or EasterNo TextHero-CombatRidinger (1923)  
Ingleton(SD6972)Bef. 1930 No TextHero-CombatPearson (1930)  
Keighley (a)(SE0641)c. 1750 No TextDoubtful Sword DanceJackson (1793) [7.]
Keighley (b)(SE0641)early 1870sChristmasFrag.Hero-CombatSwailes (1923)  
Killinghall(SE2858)  Frag.Hero-CombatOrdish Coll.  
Kimberworth(SK4092)c. 1815 No TextHero-CombatOrdish Coll.  
King Cross(SE0724)  No TextHero-CombatHarwood & Marsden (1935)  
Kirkby Malzeard(SE2374)1911Christmas to New YearFrag.Sword Dance + executionSharp (1911)  
Knaresborough(SE3557)c. 1884ChristmasTextHero-CombatCarpenter Coll. [2.]
Leeds(SE3033)1861Easter or ChristmasTextHero-CombatRobinson (1862), Wilkinson (1867) [8.]
Leeds neighbourhood(53.79670,
c. 1880ChristmasFrag.Hero-CombatFallow (1895)  
Lightcliffe(SE1325)  No TextHero-CombatHarwood & Marsden (1935)  
Linton(SD9962)1846ChristmasFrag.Hero-CombatDixon (1846)  
Luddenden Foot(SE0325)c. 1880 No TextHero-CombatHarwood & Marsden (1935)  
Marton-cum-Grafton(SE4162)c. 1910Christmas to Twelfth NightTextHero-CombatHudleston,M. Coll.  
Mexborough(SK4799) Plough Mon.No TextHero-CombatWhiting (1923)  
Midgley(SE0226)1963EasterTextHero-CombatHarwood & Marsden (1935), Guardian (1963) [9.]
Monk Fryston(SE5029)c. 1894ChristmasFrag.Hero-CombatPeacock Coll.  
Mytholmroyd(SE0126)c. 1910 No TextHero-CombatHarwood & Marsden (1935), Baron Coll. [10.]
Nether Poppleton(SE5654) New YearTextHero-CombatVaughan Williams Memorial Library Coll.  
Old Chamber(SD9926)c. 1920EasterFrag.Hero-CombatBaron Coll. [2.]
Ovenden(SE0827)  No TextHero-CombatHarwood & Marsden (1935)  
Penistone(SE2403)19 cent.ChristmasFrag.Hero-CombatDransfield (1906) [2.]
Ripon(SE3171)1969ChristmasTextHero-CombatRudd (1907), Kennedy (1930), Peacock Coll., Helm Coll., Hislop & Trenow (1970), Carpenter Coll. [11.]
Ripponden(SE0319)c. 1880 No TextHero-CombatHarwood & Marsden (1935)  
Saddleworth(SE0006)1871EasterFrag.Hero-CombatBradbury (1871)  
Selby(SE6132)  Frag.Hero-CombatR. (1923)  
Settle(SD8263) EasterNo TextHero-CombatGatty (1947)  
Shadwell(SE3439)1952ChristmasNo TextHero-CombatClay (1957) [12.]
Sheffield(SK3587)1901Christmas and EasterTextHero-CombatHems (1913), Addy (1888), Hunter (1822), Hale (1903), Mummers' Act [13.]
Shipley(SE1437)c. 1880 No TextHero-CombatPeacock Coll.  
Skipton(SD9851)1606ChristmasNo TextDoubtfulWhitaker (1878) [2.]
Snaith(SE6422)early 20th ctyChristmasFrag.Hero-CombatPeacock Coll. [14.]
South Milford(SE4931)  Frag.Hero-CombatJim (1923)  
Sowerby(SE0423)c. 1880EasterNo TextHero-CombatHarwood & Marsden (1935)  
Sowerby Bridge(SE0623)1921EasterFrag.Hero-CombatCowling (1924), Marsden (1921)  
Stanningley(SE2234)c. 1900ChristmasFrag.Hero-CombatPeacock Coll.  
Swinton(SK4499) ChristmasFrag.Hero-CombatMakin (1923)  
Thorner(SE3740)early 1870s Frag.Hero-CombatUpton (1923)  
Thornhill(SE2518)c. 1850 Frag.Hero-CombatChambers Coll. [2.]
Thorpe Salvin(SK5281)c. 1860 Frag.DoubtfulBroadwood & Fuller-Maitland (1893) [15.]
Todmorden(SD9324)c. 1880 No TextHero-CombatHarwood & Marsden (1935)  
Wakefield(SE3320)c. 1864ChristmasNo TextHero-CombatLetherbrow (1903), Andrews (1873?), Banks (1865) [16.]
Whiston(SK4590)c. 1883ChristmasTextHero-CombatArmitage (1913), Peacock Coll.  
Wickersley(SK4791)c. 1883ChristmasFrag.Hero-CombatBarley Coll. [2.]
Woodhouse(SK4184)c. 1887ChristmasNo TextSword Dance + executionSharp Questionnaire, Peacock (1956b)  


1.Given as Auston by Broadwood & Fuller-Maitland (1893), which location does not exist. Ordnance Survey (n.d.) shows North Anston and South Anston in this position.
Pt.1 change: Delete entirely. No evidence for drama of the type listed in this book.
2.Pt.3 addition
3.Pt.1 change: Time of appearance changed from Christmas to New Year
4.The dance still continues but without any trace of a play (Peacock Coll.).
5.Pt.2 change: Source Carpenter Coll. added
6.Pt.2 changes: c.1880 changed to .c1930. Easter and source Brennan (1976) added
7.Jackson (1793) does not give any exact location, but Jackson spent his youth in Yorkshire and Westmorland. He was born in 1742 and his father held the living at Keighley, Yorks. The play account he gives could be 'Sword Dance' or 'Wooing' but no dance is mentioned. This is an important reference although it is difficult to be sure of its interpretation.
8.Pt.2 changes: Christmas changed from Christmas to Easter or Christmas. Source Wilkinson (1867) added
9.Pt.2 note: There is a point at which the word 'traditional' loses its meaning, and I have not attempted to improve the entries for Midgley and similar teams.
10.Pt.2 changes: c.1880 changed to c.1910. Source Baron Coll. added
11.Pt.2 changes: 1966 changed to 1969. Sources Hislop & Trenow (1970) and Carpenter Coll. added
12.Pt.1 change: Grid Ref. corrected from SE3489 to SE3439.
13.Pt.2 changes: Text availability changed from 'Frag.' to 'Text'. Source Mummers' Act added
14.Pt.1 change: Grid Ref. corrected from SE5422 to SE6422.
15.Pt.1 change: Delete entirely. Same as Anston
16.Pt.2 changes: c.1864, Christmas, and sources Andrews (1873?) and Banks (1865) added
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