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The (Insert Name Here) Mummers


Folk Play-only Group

Home Town:

Morden, Grid Ref.: TQ2567, Lat.& Long.: 51.3950, -0.1945


Based in SW London, still one play only, St George, at the moment (2010) in spite of solemn and binding promises made by certain members, who shall remain nameless, that they have another play almost written; promises that they have been making for the last three years but who's counting? The current play is cobbled together from various other plays, stealing the best lines from anywhere we could!




Forthcoming: None registered


Past events:


GMap 26-Dec-2001

1. - 12:00

Princess of Wales, Blackheath, Kent, England


GMap 09-Dec-2001

1. - 12:00

Deptford, Kent, England


Other past years: 2002 (2), 2003 (6), 2004 (7), 2006 (1), 2008 (1), 2009 (1), 2010 (1)

Media Links:

1. Carshalton "I no longer know or care if it's Boxing Day or not" Tourette. 27 Dec 2010 - Unverified link
flickr - Photo(s) [46], Jenny Neal, 28-Dec-2010
2. The (Insert Name Here) Mummers Nov 2010 - Unverified link
flickr - Photo(s) [11 photos], Mick McTiernan, 07-Dec-2010
3. The (INH)Mummers Carshalton Tourette Dec 2008 - Validated link
flickr - Photo(s) [16 photos], Jenny Neal, 28-Dec-2008
4. The (Insert Name Here) Mummers: The "Isn't bloody xmas over yet?" Tourette of Carshalton. - Validated link
flickr - Photo(s) [16 photos], Mick McTiernan, 27-Dec-2008
5. The (Insert Name Here) Mummers "Thank god that Xmas is over"Tourette Dec 27 2007 - Validated link
- Photo(s) [26 photos], Mick McTiernan, 28-Dec-2007
6. The (Insert Name Here) Mummers in Uppermill, at the Saddlewoth Rushcart, on Saturday 20th Aug.2005 - Validated link
Folk Play Research - Photo(s) [2 images], David Houghton, 20-Aug-2005


Associate members of The Morris Ring

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