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Rossendale Mummers


Folk Play-only Group

Home Town:

Whitworth, Grid Ref.: SD8818, Lat.& Long.: 53.6629, -2.1755


The group perform three plays. The main play being the Christmas Play, featuring The Black Ram, Saint George, Bessy Brown Bags, The Doctor, Old Father Christmas and The M.C. being performed at local markets, pubs and clubs in the week running up to Christmas. There are also two Summer plays




Forthcoming: None registered


Past events:


GMap 21-Aug-2011

1. - 14:00

Church Inn, Church Lane, Uppermill, Lancashire, OL3 6LW, England - Outside

2. - 14:30

Cross Keys, Running Hill Gate, Uppermill, Lancashire, OL3 6LW - Outside


Saddleworth Rushcart


GMap 03-Jul-2011

1. -   day  

The Crown, 19 Greave Rd, Bacup, Lancashire, OL13 9HQ, England


Other past years: 2010 (2), 2012 (4), 2013 (2), 2014 (2), 2015 (1), 2016 (2), 2017 (1)

Media Links:

1. Rossendale Mummers The Trials Of Everyman @ The Crown 7th July 2013 - Unverified link
You Tube - Video , 28-Feb-2014
2. The Trials Of Everyman - Unverified link
YouTube - Video , 27-Jun-2010
3. Christmas Play at Whitworth Band Club Dec. 2008 - Unverified link
You Tube - Photo(s) , 22-Dec-2008
4. Christmas Play - Unverified link
YouTube - Video , 21-Dec-2008


Mark Ambrose (

Part of:

Whitworth Rushcart Men


Re-established 2007 following a break of several years due to lack of performers

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