F.W.Beazley (1946)


F. W. Beazley (Auth.)
Bulletin of the Nottinghamshire Schools Rural Science Panel, Dec.1946, No.19, pp.2-6

The full text (54 lines) of a Plough Bullock Night play from Mansfield, Notts., collected from the author's father Mr.S.Beazley. The characters are; St. George, Bold Slasher, Doctor, Beelzebub, Molly Mop, Mickey Bent, Polly Flinders and a Rake.

Mentions that at Clayworth, Notts., Beelzebub went by the name of Old Eezum Squeezum. Covers plough trailing, malicious ploughing and Plough lights with the usual quotes, probably derived from Chaworth-Musters (1890) which the author cites. The Cropwell cast is given as; Tom the Fool, Recruiting Sergeant, Ribboner or Recruit, Doctor, Lady, Ploughman, Hopper Joe and Threshing Blade. The final song is given.

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Locations: Mansfield, Notts. (SK5361); Clayworth, Notts. (SK7288); Cropwell, Notts. (SK6836)
Years: Perf. before 1914; Publ. 1946
Subjects: Full Text; Plough Bullock Night; Play; St. George; Bold Slasher; Doctor; Beelzebub; Molly Mop; Mickey Bent; Polly Flinders; Rake; Old Eezum Squeezum; Plough Trailing; Malicious Ploughing; Plough Lights; Chaworth-Musters (1890); Tom the Fool; Recruiting Sergeant; Ribboner; Recruit; Lady; Ploughman; Hopper Joe; Threshing Blade; Song
People: Mr. S. Beazley (Inf.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00017

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