Nottingham Journal (1941a)


[Anon.] (Auth.)
Tom Fool and Beelzebub: PLOUGH MONDAY PLAYS IN NOTTS.?
Nottingham Journal, 10th Jan.1941, No.35888, p.3c

General article describing plough plays in Nottinghamshire, including the following paragraphs:

"The Notts. villages where the text of such plays is still preserved are Scarrington, Farnsfield, Bothamsall, Lowdham, Cropwell Bishop, Blidworth, Norwell and Thorney."

"The last performance of a play recalled by Mr. E.E.Neale, of the Notts. Rural Community Council, was at Cropwell Bishop in 1938."

The words of the final song at Blidworth are quoted.

Index Terms:

Locations: *Cropwell Bishop, Notts. (SK6835); Scarrington, Notts. (SK7341); Farnsfield, Notts. (SK6456); Bothamsall, Notts. (SK6773); Lowdham, Notts. (SK6646); Blidworth, Notts. (SK5855); Norwell, Notts. (SK7761); Thorney, Notts. (SK8572)
Years: Publ. 1941; Ceased 1938
Subjects: Plays; Malicious Ploughing; Tom Fool; Beelzebub; Plough Monday
People: Mr. E. E. Neale (Inf.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00129

* indicates data that has not yet been validated against the original source and/or has yet to be completely indexed.

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