Nottingham Journal (1951a)


[Anon.] (Auth.)
Been "acting the fool" for 40 years [Plough Monday Play at Tollerton, Notts.]
Nottingham Journal, 6th Jan.1951, No.38984, p.3a

"Villagers of Tollerton, Plumtree and Keyworth last night dipped back into the past.

Seven farm workers went from house to house enacting the Plough Monday Mummers' play that has been passed down from father to son for hundreds of years.

George Ayto, in the guise of Tom Fool, has been taking the part for 40 years. 'During the war though' he said 'we had to stop because of the blackout and air-raids.'

The youngest member was 18-year-old Alan Gosling who took 'The Lady'.

Fred Swanborough took the part of the heavily-bearded doctor, who can cure 'all pains inside and out'

The rest of the cast were Archie Stubbs (Sergeant), Joe Sewards (Farmer's Boy), Davey Morris (Dame Jane) and Raymond Clark (Threshing Blade).

After the ten-minute play a collection was taken in aid of St. Dunstan's.

Plough Monday is actually celebrated next Monday and in olden times it marked the end of the Christmas holidays and the beginning of the ploughing season"

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Locations: Tollerton, Notts. (SK6134); Plumtree, Notts. (SK6133); Keyworth, Notts. (SK6130)
Years: Publ. 1951; Perf. 1951
Subjects: Play; Plough Monday; Mummers; Tom Fool; The Lady; Doctor; Sergeant; Farmer's Boy; Dame Jane; Threshing Blade
People: George Ayto (Perf.); Alan Gosling (Perf.); Fred Swanborough (Perf.); Archie Stubbs (Perf.); Joe Sewards (Perf.); Davey Morris (Perf.); Raymond Clark (Perf.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00138;
T.Bailey Forman Library, "Plough Monday" file

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