J.M.Rose (1935)


Col. J. Markham Rose (Auth.)
Retford, Gainsborough & Worksop Times, 12th Jul.1935, p.5 a-b

This article gives the full text (123 lines) of a Plough Monday play broadcast by Boy Scouts from East Markham, Notts., in 1935. The introduction gives a general description of Plough Monday, mentioning the Lord Mayor of London's Banquet, plough trailing and malicious ploughing. Extensive details are included of the costumes and the social background of the original performers. The Plough Boys characters were; Tom Fool, Recruiting Sergeant, Plough Boy, Lady Bright and Gay, Cow Boy/Teezum/Squeezum and Doctor. The printed cast list includes a Farmer and Farmer's Wife - clearly introduced for effect just for the broadcast. The Cow Boy's alternative names appear in the dialogue as "In comes I, young teezum, squeezum". Pity about the comma. Following practice in other plays, one would expect a single name Teezum Squeezum rather than two names.

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Locations: East Markham, Notts. (SK7472); London, London (TQ3079)
Years: Broadcast 1935
Subjects: Play; Banquet; Plough Trailing; Malicious Ploughing; Plough Monday; Mummers; Plough Boys; Full Text; Tom Fool; Recruiting Sergeant; Plough Boy; Lady Bright and Gay; Cow Boy; Teezum; Squeezum; Teezum Squeezum; Doctor
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00234

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