A.Sharp (1936)


*Arthur Sharp (Auth.)
OLD REVELS OF TWELFTH NIGHT AND PLOUGH MONDAY: Notts Versions of Ancient Mummer's Play: "Hooden Horse" That Sang Verses in Villages
Nottingham Evening Post, 30th Dec.1936, No.18246, p.6 a-b

Brief description of Twelfth Night customs, including the Twelfth Cake and King of the Bean. The description of Plough Monday Mummers' plays mentions the characters of Selston, Notts.; Fool, Saint George, Slasher, Doctor, Beelzebub, and Devil Doubt. A North Notts., version (evidently E.Sutton, 1912) had the characters; Herald, Hero, St. George and Doctor, and a couple of fragments of text are quoted. Another custom was the Hooden Horse or Owd 'Oss, which the author appears to have performed in himself. He calls the performers "hoodeners", and the play used to be found in both Notts., and Derbys. Discussing the origins of Plough Monday, mention is made of Plough Lights, and the trailing of a "Fool Plough" by Plough Bullockers, and accompanied by Morris Dancers and a "Bessy". Mention is also made of the horn dance at Pagets Bromley in Staffs. This is another name for Abbots Bromley

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Locations: Selston, Notts. (SK4553); North Nottinghamshire, Notts.; Derbys.; Notts.; Pagets Bromley, Staffs. (SK0824)
Years: Publ. 1936
Subjects: Plays; Plough Trailing; Plough Lights; Hooden Horse; Plough Monday; Mummers; Owd 'Oss; Plough Bullockers; Twelfth Night; Twelfth Cake; King of the Bean; Fool; Saint George; Slasher; Doctor; Beelzebub; Devil Doubt; Sutton,E. (1912); Herald; Hero; Text Fragments; Hoodeners; Fool Plough; Morris Dancers; Bessy; Horn Dance
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00237;
Notts. County Library, County Folklore Box, L39.9 [Lacks headline]

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