L.Chaworth-Musters (1892)


L. Chaworth-Musters (Auth.)
Reviews and Notices of New Books: HISTORY OF NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. By Cornelius Brown [Plough Monday at Cropwell and Tithby, Notts.]
Antiquary, Jan.1892, Vol.25, No.1, p.44-45

This review of Brown's book includes the following comment:

"Mr. Brown seems to be under the impression that the Plough Monday play is a thing of the past, but it was acted as lately as January, 1890 by the Cropwell and Titleby [sic] 'Plough Bullocks,' and an account of it sent to the Revue des Traditions Populaires by a Nottinghamshire member of that society who witnessed the performance at a neighbouring house."

The submission to the Revue des Traditions Populaires was by H.G.M.Murray-Aynsley (1889).

Index Terms:

Locations: Cropwell, Notts. (SK6836); Tithby, Notts. (SK6936)
Years: Perf. 1890; Publ. 1892
Subjects: Brown,C. (1891); Book Review; Plough Monday; Plough Bullocks; Murray-Aynsley,H.G.M. (1889); Play
People: Lina Chaworth-Musters (Auth.); Caroline Anne Chaworth-Musters (Auth.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00265;
W.E.Doubleday Index, Plough Monday

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