P.T.Millington Collection (1972, W.Kirk)


W. Kirk (Perf.)
[Plough Bullockers play at Swingate, Notts.]
P.T.Millington Collection, Com. 17th Jan.1972 & 28th Jan.1972

Letters responding to a newspaper article, describing the performance of a Plough Bullockers play at Swingate, Notts. before 1912. Fragments of text are quoted. The play finished with a song. Characters included an introducer, Bel-ze-bub and Farthing Doctor.

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Locations: Swingate, Notts. (SK5043)
Years: Perf. Before 1912; Col. 1972
Subjects: Plough Bullockers; Play; Text Fragments; Song; Introducer; Bel-ze-bub; Farthing Doctor
People: Eastwood Historical Society (Col.); Peter Thomas Millington (Col.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00295

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