Nottinghamshire Local History Council Collection (1963, W.Pinder)


Miss W. Pinder (Inf.)
[Plough Monday at Caunton, Notts.]
Nottinghamshire Local History Council Collection, Com. 26th Feb.1963, Ref.DD/121/3/11

This is an entry to the essay competition "Memories of Newark".

Miss Pinder had lived in Caunton, Notts, and judging from internal evidence was born about the turn of the century. She remembered Newark's town crier, and a wart charmer, who stuck an appropriate number of pins in a piece of raw meat, which was then buried to decay along with the warts. She also gives the following;

"... Plough Monday was a great event in rural areas, the players would meet for weeks & practice in a barn. Many of the characters I have forgotten but there was the Dr. & one appear who used to say. "In comes I Heezum Squeezum, on my back I carry a besom, in my hand a frying pan, dont you think I'm a funny old man, if you don't - I do" They were considered great fun & were well received, especially at outlying farms where there was not much diversion. ..."

[Nottinghamshire Archives' online catalogue gives Ref.DD/121/14 for Miss Pinder's essay.]

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Locations: Caunton, Notts. (SK7460)
Years: Com. 1963
Subjects: Plough Monday; Town Crier; Wart Charmer; Play; Doctor; Heezum Squeezum; Text Fragment
People: Nottinghamshire Local History Council (Col.); Newark Advertiser (Col.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00337

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