P.Spratley (1977) pp.1-8


Philip Spratley (Auth.)
P.Spratley (1977), pp.1-8

Text of a Plough-Jags/Ploughboys play (141 lines, 3 tunes) collected from Claypole, Kesteven, Lincs., and performed through Epiphany tide. Plough Monday and Christmas are also mentioned in the text. The characters are; Fool/Tommy, Recruiting Sergeant, Farmer's Man, Lady, Old Dame Jane, Beelzebub/Beelzie and Doctor. The play was also performed at Fenton and Stubton, Lincs. It was revived in Bottesford, Leics., and for Grantham Festival of Music and Drama in 1972. A list of the revival performers is included.

The tune for the sung dialogue is virtually identical to that from Blidworth, Notts., in P.T.Millington Collection (1971, H.Clark).

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Locations: Claypole, Lincs. (SK8449); Fenton, Lincs. (SK8750); Stubton, Lincs. (SK8745); Bottesford, Leics. (SK8038); Grantham, Lincs. (SK9135)
Years: Publ. 1977; Lapsed 1939; Rev. 1972
Subjects: Play; Songs; Full Text; Plough-Jags; Ploughboys; Epiphany Tide; Plough Monday; Christmas; Fool; Tommy; Recruiting Sergeant; Farmer's Man; Lady; Old Dame Jane; Beelzebub; Beelzie; Doctor; Grantham Festival of Music and Drama
People: Bill Fletcher (Perf.); Mrs. Lizzie Hubbard (Col.); Ted Tinsley (Inf.); Bob Drury (Inf.); Jim Drury (Inf.); Mrs. Moore (Inf.); Mrs. Smith (Inf.); Jonothan Meres (Perf.); Nicholas Reed (Perf.); Charles Hart (Perf.); Paul Tinkler (Perf.); Ian Chappell (Perf.); David Olley (Perf.); David Caldwell (Perf.)
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