P.Spratley (1977) pp.18-26


Philip Spratley (Auth.)
P.Spratley (1977), pp.front cover,ii,18-26

The full text (143 lines & 3 tunes) of a Ploughboys, Plough Monday play from Cropwell Bishop, Notts. The characters are; Tom Fool/Bold Tom, Recruiting Sergeant, Ribboner, Lady, Threshing Blade, Hopper Joe/Sankey-Benny, Farmer's Man, Dame Jane, Beelzebub/Beelzie, and Doctor.

The text and photo were provided by Mrs. Mary Windey (nee Elnor), who had organised revivals of the play in 1937 (Nottingham University), and in 1942 (with the help of Harold Smith). An original performer, Harry Knight, took part in the 1937 revival. Tony Carter, who had taken part in the 1942 revival was involved in the retrieval of this text. The cover photo is of the 1937 revival. At least one of the songs was collected by Eric Swift. Philip Spratley also organised a revival by the Belvoir High School Company in Long Clawson Parish Church on 15th Dec.1975. A list of the performers is included.

A revival by the "Owd Hoss Mummers" in wrongly assigned to 1970. It should be 1975. From the Owd Oss Mummers' contacts with Mrs. Windey, we know that she copied the text for her revivals from Chaworth-Musters (1890), and certainly the two texts tally. This is not noted by Philip Spratley.

An incident is related (courtesy of Harold Smith) from the 1860s when the Ploughboys ploughed up the lawn of the Canal Inn, having been thrown out by the landlord.

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Locations: Cropwell Bishop, Notts. (SK6835); Nottingham University, Notts. (SK5438); Long Clawson, Leics. (SK7227)
Years: Publ. 1977; Rev. 1937; Rev. 1942; Rev. 1975; Perf. 1860
Subjects: Full Text; Tunes; Songs; Ploughboys; Plough Monday; Play; Tom Fool; Bold Tom; Recruiting Sergeant; Ribboner; Lady; Threshing Blade; Hopper Joe; Sankey-Benny; Farmer's Man; Dame Jane; Beelzebub; Beelzie; Doctor; Photo; Belvoir High School Company; Owd Hoss Mummers; Owd Oss Mummers; Chaworth-Musters (1890); Plough Trailing; Malicious Ploughing
People: Eric Swift (Col.); Miss Mary Elnor (Producer); Mrs. Mary Windey (Producer); Harry Knight (Perf.); Mr. Harold Smith (Perf.); Tony Carter (Perf.); Adrian Smith (Perf.); Mervyn Rawlings (Perf.); Roger Stroud (Perf.); Graham Doubleday (Perf.); Philip Laywood (Perf.); Andrew Putnam (Perf.); Duncan Hamilton (Perf.); Mark Goddard (Perf.); Richard Swain (Perf.); Andrew Hourd (Perf.); Michael Smith (Perf.); Brian Potts (Perf.); Christine Chappell (Perf.)
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