M.W.Barley Collection (No Date, Anon.) Ref.BaP 1/12


Maurice Willmore Barley (Col.)
M.W.Barley Collection, Col. about 1953, Ref.BaP 1/12

Manuscript text (189 lines) of a Plough Play from Bothamsall, Notts. The characters are; Rummer Roamer, Tom Fool/Bald Tom/Tommy, Sergeant, Farmer's Man, Lady Bright and Gay, Jane/Jenny/Turkey Turk, Beelzebub/Belzy and Doctor.

A note at the end states; "I am putting it on with boys this week", indicating a revival. Judging from Barley's publications, this text would have been collected about 1953.

A collector's note next to the manuscript heading states; "Probably not correctly identified". However, this is identical (handwriting included) with the Bothamsall text Ref.PR6113 in the Notts. Archives Office Collection (1968, D.D.Woodgate). Evidently this text was transcribed for performance, with the addition of line tags and a few extra lines. One sheet consists of sections of text for insertion. These correspond to complete pages in PR6113, suggesting that they had been accidentally omitted during transcription due to careless page turning.

Index Terms:

Locations: Bothamsall, Notts. (SK6773)
Years: Rev. about 1953
Subjects: Full Text; Plough Play; Play; Rummer Roamer; Tom Fool; Bald Tom; Tommy; Sergeant; Farmer's Man; Lady Bright and Gay; Jane; Jenny; Turkey Turk; Beelzebub; Belzy; Doctor; Nottinghamshire Archives Office Collection (1968, D.D.Woodgate)
People: *D. D. Woodgate (Col.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00400

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