Nottinghamshire Local History Council Collection (1960, K.Carding)


Mrs. Kate Carding (Auth.)
Memories of a Villager [Plough Monday Play at Farnsfield, Notts.]
Nottinghamshire Local History Council Collection, Received 15th Mar.1960, Ref.DD/121/1/27, 31pp.

Entry to an essay competition on old village life at Farnsfield, Notts. It ends on the last two pages with the following;

"But for us when children the High Light was the Plough Monday Play - ones first sight of costume acting. Seven or more characters - all men - including Tom Fool, Threshing Blade, The Lady Bright & Gay, Doctor, Soldier, etc.

Tom Fool entered first and begged audience then followed a quarrel, fight, a trance, a recovery & dance.

After being given a few coins & refreshed with a jug of foaming ale, the Players filed out into the night chanting -

'Good master & good mistress
You see our fool has gone.
We'll take it in our turn now
To follow him along.
We thank you for Civility
And what you've given us here
We wish you all Prosperity
And another Happy Year.'"

Index Terms:

Locations: Farnsfield, Notts. (SK6456)
Years: Col. 1960
Subjects: Essay; Plough Monday; Play; Tom Fool; Threshing Blade; Lady Bright & Gay; Doctor; Soldier; Dance; Chant; Text Fragment
People: Nottinghamshire Local History Council (Col.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00413

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