M.W.Barley Collection (1953, A.J.Evans)


Mrs. A. J. Evans (Inf.)
Woodborough: Plough Play
M.W.Barley Collection, Col. Dec. 1953, Ref.Ba P 1/39

Textual fragments as follows;

"In comes I in Doctors clothes
With a great tall hat
And a belly full of fat
And a pancake on my nose

In comes I Big Belly Ben
Eat more meat than four score men
Eat the church and eat the steeple
Eat the parson and all the people."

Index Terms:

Locations: Woodborough, Notts. (SK6347)
Years: Col. 1953
Subjects: Text Fragments; Plough Play; Big Belly Ben; Doctor
People: Maurice Willmore Barley (Col.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00488

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