S.Race Collection


Sydney Race (Col.)
[Collection of Folk Plays from Notts.]
*Local Studies Division, Nottinghamshire County Library, Angel Row, Nottingham

Sydney Race was a minor Notts., collector, active in the mid 1920s. His collecting was solely by correspondence, and in this way he collected two complete play texts - Bagthorpe, and Cropwell Bishop, Notts. - plus several other fragments of information from Notts., and Leics. This together with some locally published material, he used to write several newspaper articles in the mid 1920s and late 1940s. Surprisingly, he never appears to have made contact with other collectors who were active at that time - A.S.Buxton and E.L.Guilford.

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Locations: Notts.; Leics.
Years: Col. mid 1920s
Subjects: *Plays
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00496

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