T.Ratcliffe (1914)


Thos. Ratcliffe (Auth.)
LOCAL NOTES AND QUERIES: No. 28: Mummings and mysteries.
*Nottinghamshire Guardian, 10th Jan.1914

Cites the East Retford mummers' play published by E.Sutton (1913). Gives the speeches for Betsy Beelzebub and Devil Dowt from a Derbys., St. George play. Also briefly describes two other plays from Notts., and Derbys., - "Th' Owd Hoss" and "The Darby Tup"

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Locations: East Retford, Notts. (SK7080); Notts.; Derbys.
Years: Publ. 1914
Subjects: Mummers; Play; Sutton,E. (1913); Betsy Beelzebub; Devil Dowt; St. George; "Th' Owd Hoss"; "The Darby Tup"
People: Thomas Ratcliffe (Auth.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00504

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