Haggs Farm Preservation Society Newsletter (1993a)


[Anon.] (Auth.)
"DUN YER WANT GUYSERS" [Christmas Guysers play in a D.H.Lawrence short story]
Haggs Farm Preservation Society Newsletter, Jun.1993, No.12, pp.3-4

Notes on the Christmas Guysers play around which D.H.Lawrence's (1907) short story "A Prelude" was based. This was published under the pseudonym "Jessie Chambers", with the action taking place around Haggs Farm, Underwood, Notts. The characters Beelzebub and St. George are mentioned, plus facial disguise and a fragment of text - the final begging rhyme.

Also mentions R.W.Storer (1983), and plans to stage a revival at Underwood, Notts., in Dec.1993.

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Locations: Underwood, Notts. (SK4750)
Years: Publ. 1993; Publ. 1907; Rev. 1993
Subjects: Christmas; Guysers; Play; "Chambers,J." (1907); Short Story; Beelzebub; St. George; Facial Disguise; Text Fragment; Storer,R.W. (1983)
People: Jessie Chambers (Auth.); David Herbert Lawrence (Auth.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00548

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