I.T.Jones Collection (1983, I.T.Jones - b)


Mr. Idwal Jones (Col.)
Loughborough Local Board and Plough Monday: Notes
I.T.Jones Collection, Written 1983, Ref.L3-1

Nottingham Guardian (1880) refers to a meeting of the Petty Sessions, Loughborough on the 7th January 1880 at which a letter was received from the Local Board asking that the magistrates give instructions to the police to stop the disgraceful events that take place in the town on Plough Monday.

Further information about what actually took place on Plough Monday might be obtained from court records.

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Locations: Loughborough, Leics. (SK5319)
Years: Written 1983; Occurred 1880
Subjects: Plough Monday; Petty sessions; Local Board
People: Mr. Idwal Tudor Jones (Col.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00572;
I.T.Jones Collection, Ref.L3-1

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