H.B.Kendall (1906)


H. B. Kendall (Auth.)
*The Origin and History of the Primitive Methodist Church [Plough Monday in Syston, Leics.]
London: Edwin Dalton, 1906, p.297

In the chapter headed "The Period of Circuit Predominance and Enterprise" it states:

"Hanford tells us that on Plough Monday, January 12th he was accosted by some mummers fantastically dressed, who hailed from Syston. They looked for money, but he gave them good advice instead, whereupon they intimated he must be a 'Ranter' by his talk. This led him to ask whether they had any 'Ranters' at Syston. 'No,' said they, 'and if they ever come there we will kill them.'"

On page 295 it states that Syston was missioned in 1818.

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Locations: Syston, Leics. (SK6312)
Years: Publ. 1906; Occurred 1818
Subjects: Plough Monday; Mummers; Primitive Methodists
People: Hanford (Inf.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00587

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