Newark Advertiser (1951a)


[Anon.] (Auth.)
When Farm Folk Danced And Drank Good Ale [Plough Monday customs]
Newark Advertiser, 10th Jan.1951, Vol.98, No.4970, p.2c-e

Inspired by the Plough Sunday plough blessing at Newark Parish Church, this article describes Plough Monday customs and beliefs from unnamed published sources. They include plough trailing, the Tollerton Plough Monday mummers' play, claiming a "Cockerel in the pot" for Shrove-tide, plough lights, and Goose-Dancing house visiting in the Scilley Islands [sic].

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Locations: Newark, Notts. (SK7953); Tollerton, Notts. (SK6134); Scilley Islands, Cornwall (SV9-1-)
Years: Publ. 1951
Subjects: Plough Sunday; Plough Blessing; Plough Monday; Plough Trailing; Play; "Cockerel in the pot"; Shrove-tide; Plough Lights; Goose-Dancing; House Visiting
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00592

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