I.T.Jones Collection (1981, J.Blackburn - a)


Mrs. J. Blackburn (Inf.)
Tollerton, Notts: Questionnaire from Mrs J. Blackburn, Tollerton 20/1/81
I.T.Jones Collection, Com. 20th Jan.1981, Ref.K17-1

Questionnaire from Mrs J.Blackburn, Hall Farm, Tollerton received 20/1/81. She writes that the Plough Boys play in Tollerton was revived after the 1939-45 war by Mr A.Brown of Hall Farm. They started at Hall Farm and then performed at other houses as requested. She writes:

"I think the play, lasting about 7 or 8 minutes, was performed for charity. I have a copy of the script and photographs of the actors in the year 1951 or 2. Those taking part were all men, several of whom worked on this farm, the others were men from other farms and one was a chimney sweep who lived in Keyworth. All wore special clothing – the players were a clown, a doctor, a soldier, a lady with a baby, recruiting sergeant and farmer's man."

Index Terms:

Locations: Tollerton, Notts. (SK6134)
Years: Com. 1981; Perf. 1951 or 1952
Subjects: Questionnaire; Plough Monday; Plough Boys; Play; Clown; Doctor; Soldier; Lady with a Baby; Recruiting Sergeant; Farmer's Man
People: Mr. Idwal Tudor Jones (Col.); Mr. A. Brown (Organiser)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00692;
I.T.Jones Collection, Ref.K17-1

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