D.P.Blatherwick (1936)


Douglas P. Blatherwick (Auth.)
THE HISTORY OF NEWARK: Curios, Legends and Customs
Newark Herald, 12th Sep.1936, No.5158, p.2b

This article covers several folklore items, including the legend of Sir Guy Saucimer and Sir Everard Bevercotes competing for the hand of Margaret, daughter of Alan de Caldwell, and the founding of St. Catherine's Well by Sir Guy. The origin is given of the Gopher Bells, rung on the Sundays before Christmas, and mention made of the Pancake Bell still rung on Shrove Tuesday. There is also a long description of the Penny Loaf Day dole, which had ceased in 1934.

Index Terms:

Locations: Newark, Notts. (SK7953)
Years: Ceased 1934; Occurred 1936
Subjects: Legend; Sir Guy Saucimer; Sir Everard Bevercotes; Margaret; Alan de Caldwell; St. Catherine's Well; Gopher Bells; Christmas; Pancake Bell; Shrove Tuesday; Penny Loaf Day; Dole
People: Sir Guy Saucimer (Protagonist); Sir Everard Bevercotes (Protagonist); Alan de Caldwell (Father)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00729

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