E.L.Guilford Collection (1922, A.S.Huskinson - a)


*Mr. A. S. Huskinson (Inf.)
*Plough Lads' Play [East Bridgford, Notts.]
E.L.Guilford Collection, Com. 7th Jul.1922, Ref.M/9913/1-6

*A letter and a Plough Monday Plough Lads' play text from East Bridgford, Notts., sent by Miss Gertrude Fox. The play was last performed by lads in the early years of the [Great] War, although previously performed by ploughboys.

The text is not a coherent whole. The bulk of the script is in folios 1 & 2. Folios 3 & 4 have additional lines for the Doctor, and the words of the final song for insertion into the script, and folio 5 has an additional part for the Farmer's Man. A notebook in Guilford's collection (Ref.M/9909) contains a collated version of this script (See TD00756).

The total cast comprises: Tom Fool, Recruiting Sergeant, Farmer's Man/Ploughboy, Lady Bright, King or St. George, and Doctor.

It is also mentioned that a plough was used if no money was given at Hoveringham, Notts.

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Locations: East Bridgford, Notts. (SK6943); Hoveringham, Notts. (SK6946)
Years: Ceased about 1914; Col. 1922
Subjects: *Full Text; Plough Monday; "Plough Lads' Play"; Tom Fool; Recruiting Sergeant; Farmer's Man; Ploughboy; Lady Bright; King George; St. George; Doctor; Malicious Ploughing; Play
People: Miss Gertrude Fox (Col.); Everard Leaver Guilford (Col.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00755;
A.S.Buxton Collection, Buff notebook, pp.68-76;;
M.W.Barley Collection, Ba P 1/20, Transcript

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