A.S.Buxton Collection (No Date - b)


Albert Sorby Buxton (Col.)
Plough Boy's Play: Edingley Version [Notts.]
A.S.Buxton Collection, Black & red notebook, pp.23-29

Full text (75 lines) of a Plough Boys' play from Edingley, Notts. The characters are: First Man, Farmer/Farmer Man, St. George, Eesum Sqeecum, Sam, Bold Slasher, and Doctor.

This script is undated, but the next text in the notebook, from Worksop, is dated 1922, so the Edingley version is probably about the same year.

Index Terms:

Locations: Edingley, Notts. (SK6655)
Years: Col. early 1920s
Subjects: Full Text; Plough Boys; Play; First Man; Farmer; Farmer Man; St. George; Eesum Sqeecum; Sam; Bold Slasher; Doctor
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00761;
M.W.Barley Collection

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