P.S.Smith Collection (1967, J.G.Storr & J.Sharrard)


J. G. Storr (Inf.); J. Sharrard (Inf.)
CHRISTMAS FOLK DRAMA [Bull Guisers in Selston, Notts.]
P.S.Smith Collection, Col. Summer 1967

Front of 5 inch by 8 inch record card reads:

At Christmas, 'bull guisers' used to go round from door to door in Selston reciting rhymes and acting short plays. This was also common in the Eastwood area and mention is made of the guisers in 'The Rainbow' by D.H. Lawrence. I am not sure whether the practice still continues, but within my memory guisers from this area have performed at an inn in Nuthall, my previous home (about five miles from Selston). A popular play performed by the mummers of the Selston area was about Saint George. The B.B.C. once recorded it.
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J.G.Storr Living in Sheffield, born Nuthall, Notts.

Retired collier 65-70 Selston (Underwood)

As a boy in Selston

Summer 1967 18.1.70"

The reverse of the record card reads:

" Boys used to go round in groups of four or five, bang open the
door and say 'I open the door, I enter in
I beg our pardon to be in
Whether I stand or sit or fall
I'll do my duty to please you all
A room! A room! (or words to that effect).
Then 'Bull Guy' would enter. Sometimes, for mischief, they would begin: 'I open the door, I enter in,
I'll fight your father to begin.' etc."

Index Terms:

Locations: Selston, Notts. (SK4553); Nuthall, Notts. (SK5144); Eastwood, Notts. (SK4646); Underwood, Notts. (SK4750)
Years: Col. 1967
Subjects: Text Fragments; Radio Broadcast; Christmas; Bull Guisers; Play; Guisers; Lawrence,D.H.; "The Rainbow"; Saint George; B.B.C.; Bull Guy
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00777

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