E.S.Chalk (1916/1917)


Rev. Edwin S. Chalk (Auth.)
*193. The Silverton Mummers [Devon]
Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries, 1916-1917, Vol.IX, pp.228-232

*Incomplete text of a Christmas Mummers' play from Silverton, Devon, performed in the 19th century. Chalk's research in 1900 was inspired by the mention by Mrs.J.H.Ewing of Silverton as one of the sources she used the play she compiled to go with her short story, "The Peace Egg". The characters in this play are: Father Christmas/Jan, Room, King of Egypt, Saint George, Turkish Knight, Dame Dolly/Dame Dorothy/Bet, Doctor Ben, Black Man/Tippo, Cornwallis, French Marine, Nelson, and Lord Collingwood.

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Locations: Silverton, Devon (SS9502)
Years: Perf. 19th century
Subjects: Incomplete Text; Christmas; Mummers; Play; Ewing,J.H.; "The Peace Egg"; Father Christmas; Jan; Room; King of Egypt; Saint George; Turkish Knight; Dame Dolly; Dame Dorothy; Bet; Doctor Ben; Black Man; Tippo; Cornwallis; French Marine; Nelson; Lord Collingwood
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00780

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