"Uncle Jan Treenoodle" (1846)


"Uncle Jan Treenoodle" (Auth.)
*Specimens of Cornish Dialect [Account of a Cristmas Play]
London: John Russell Smith, 1846, pp.53-57

*Incomplete text of a Christmas Guize Dancers' play from Cornwall. It is given as part of a narrative story, written in Cornish dialect. The Characters are: Father Christmas/Feyther Crestmas, Turkish Knight/Toorkish Knight, St. George, Doctor, Dragon, and Sabra/King of Egypts Daughter.

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Locations: Cornwall
Years: Publ. 1846
Subjects: *Incomplete Text; Christmas; Guize Dancers; Play; Father Christmas; Feyther Crestmas; Turkish Knight; Toorkish Knight; St. George; Doctor; Dragon; Sabra; King of Egypts Daughter
People: William Sandys (Auth.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00785

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