D.Kennedy (1945)


*Douglas Kennedy (Auth.)
*The Christmas Mummers Play
*John O'London's Weekly, 12th Jan.1945, p.145

*Full script of the play of the Derby Tup or Ram, performed in the villages around Sheffield at Christmas time, written down by Gilbert Hemmingfield. The characters are: Tup, Me and Our Old Lass/Me and Our Owd Lass, Beelzebub, Devil-Doubt, Rolling-Tolling-Tippling-Tom, Butcher/Sir Good, and Doctor.

The play starts with Me and Our Owd Lass walking round the tup and introducing the play. Beelzebub enters and tells of his sons. Devil Doubt enters and asks for money. Tom enters and says what he has seen. He then says a bit of tangle-talk. The Butcher enters and boasts of his skill and sticks the tup. Doctor enters and cure the tup with medicine. The song is sung. Five verses describe the size of the tup, and five say what happened once it was killed. Ends with "We wish you a merry".

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Locations: Sheffield, West Riding, Yorks. (SK3587)
Years: Publ. 1945
Subjects: *Full Text; Play; Derby Tup; Derby Ram; Christmas; Tup; Me and Our Old Lass; Me and Our Owd Lass; Beelzebub; Devil Doubt; Rolling-Tolling-Tippling-Tom; Butcher; Sir Good; Doctor
People: Gilbert Hemmingfield (Inf.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00788;
E.L.Guilford Collection, Ref.M/9916/1-4

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