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Nan Scott's Chamber C.Brown (1891)
Nebuchadnezzar I.T.Jones Collection (1981, E.Parkin - a)
Neddy Gent M.W.Barley Collection (1957, J.B.Skelton)
Needham,J. & Peck,A.L. (1933) M.W.Barley Collection (1950, L.Butler - a)
Nell, Buxom See: Buxom Nell
Nelson E.S.Chalk (1916/1917)
Nelson, Lord See: Lord Nelson
Nettle Day, Oak and See: Oak and Nettle Day
New Tenant, Ploughing for See: Ploughing for New Tenant
New Year A.Cockburn Collection (1972, M.Couldry)
A.E.Green Collection (1966, C.Simons)
I.T.Jones Collection (1981, D.Wood - a)
J.F.L. (1902)
P.T.Millington Collection (1971, T.Marriot)
Nottingham Traditional Music Club Collection (1972, A.Cockburn & M.Couldry)
A.S. (1952)
R.W.Storer (1983)
New Year In, Letting the See: Letting the New Year In
New Year Mummers' Tale of Golishan", "The See: "The New Year Mummers' Tale of Golishan"
New Year's Day P.T.Millington Collection (1973, A.Coleman - b)
Nottinghamshire Guardian (1897a)
Nottinghamshire Weekly Express (1909)
New Year's Eve I.T.Jones Collection (1981, P.Langton - a)
Retford, Gainsborough & Worksop Times (1911)
New Year's Morn P.T.Millington Collection (1971j)
New Year's Morning P.T.Millington Collection (1973, A.Coleman - c)
New", "When Joan's Ale was See: "When Joan's Ale was New"
Newark Mummers Newark Advertiser (1976d)
News Telegraph (1984), Ashbourne See: Ashbourne News Telegraph (1984)
Night, Bonfire See: Bonfire Night
Night, Boxing See: Boxing Night
Night, Christmas See: Christmas Night
Night, Plough Boy See: Plough Boy Night
Night, Plough Boys See: Plough Boys Night
Night, Plough Bullock See: Plough Bullock Night
Night, Plough Bullocking See: Plough Bullocking Night
Night, Plough Monday See: Plough Monday Night
Night, Ploughboy See: Ploughboy Night
Night, Twelfth See: Twelfth Night
No 1 M.W.Barley Collection (1954, Parker)
No 2 M.W.Barley Collection (1954, Parker)
No 3 M.W.Barley Collection (1954, Parker)
No 4 M.W.Barley Collection (1954, Parker)
No 5 M.W.Barley Collection (1954, Parker)
No 6 M.W.Barley Collection (1954, Parker)
No. Four R.Meynell (1957/58)
No. One R.Meynell (1957/58)
No. Three R.Meynell (1957/58)
No. Two R.Meynell (1957/58)
No.1 D.Howe (1984)
No.1 Actor P.T.Millington Collection (1972, G.E.Walker)
No.1, Character See: Character No.1
No.2 D.Howe (1984)
No.2 Actor P.T.Millington Collection (1972, G.E.Walker)
No.2, Character See: Character No.2
No.3 D.Howe (1984)
No.3 Actor P.T.Millington Collection (1972, G.E.Walker)
No.3, Character See: Character No.3
No.4 Actor P.T.Millington Collection (1972, G.E.Walker)
No.4, Character See: Character No.4
No.5 Actor P.T.Millington Collection (1972, G.E.Walker)
No.5, Character See: Character No.5
Nob, Hob See: Hob Nob
Nominy T.Ratcliffe (1914a)
North Notts. Advertiser (no date), Mansfield & See: Mansfield & North Notts. Advertiser (no date)
Not Indexed I.T.Jones Collection (1981, Steemson - f)
Not indexed I.T.Jones Collection (1981, D.Bagworth)
Not indexed, See: Not indexed
Notes I.T.Jones Collection (1981, E.Kirkby)
Notes & Queries (5th Series), Vol.8, pp.481 Nottinghamshire Weekly Express (1906a)
Notes & Queries (Series 5), Vol.8, pp.481 Nottinghamshire Weekly Express (1906b)
Notes & Queries (Series 7), Vol.2, pp.501 Nottinghamshire Weekly Express (1899)
Notes & Queries, Ratcliffe,T. (22nd Dec.1906) See: Ratcliffe,T. (22nd Dec.1906) Notes & Queries
Nottingham Guardian (1926) P.T.Millington (1983)
Nottingham Traditional Music Club P.T.Millington Collection (1971, R.Dyson)
P.T.Millington Collection (1971, L.Platt)
Nottingham Guardian Journal (1971)
Nottingham, Radio See: Radio Nottingham
Nottinghamshire Archives Office Collection (1968, D.D.Woodgate) M.W.Barley Collection (No Date, Anon.) Ref.BaP 1/12
Nottinghamshire Countryside (1952) J.G.Holmes (1952)
Nottingham Journal (1952)
Nottinghamshire Foresters, Loyal See: Loyal Nottinghamshire Foresters
Nottinghamshire Guardian (1909a) Nottinghamshire Guardian (1909b)
Nottinghamshire Guardian (1914a) "J.Granby" (1940)
Nottinghamshire Guardian (1935a) Nottinghamshire Guardian (1935c)
Nottinghamshire Oral History Group Nottingham Evening Post (1974b)
Nottinghamshire Young Farmers' Clubs Newark Advertiser (1957b)
Notts. Advertiser (no date), Mansfield & North See: Mansfield & North Notts. Advertiser (no date)
Notts. County Council Libraries (n.d.) A.M. (1993)
Notts. Gleanings" pp.59, Briscoe,J.P. (no date) " See: Briscoe,J.P. (no date) "Notts. Gleanings" pp.59
Notts. Gleanings", Briscoe,J.P. (no date) " See: Briscoe,J.P. (no date) "Notts. Gleanings"
Novel D.H.Lawrence (1915)
D.H.Lawrence (1971)
November W.M.Comber et al (1961) p.73
November 23rd P.T.Millington Collection (1973, A.Coleman - c)
November 2nd W.M.Comber et al (1961) p.21
November 4th P.T.Millington Collection (1971, R.Wilkinson)
P.T.Millington Collection (1971b)
November, 1st See: 1st November
Numerical Classification P.T.Millington (1978)