Name Index - W

W.,F.M.E. (1923) "J.Granby" (1953)
Waggoner Newark Advertiser (1896)
Waits Nottinghamshire Weekly Express (1906b)
T.Ratcliffe (1913)
T.Ratcliffe (1922)
Retford & Gainsborough Times (1900)
Wake Day "J.Granby" (1949b)
Wakes "Derwent" (1889)
J.B. (1886)
J.B. (1898)
D.Howe (1984)
Ward Mote Nottingham Guardian (1947)
Warden's Accounts Nottinghamshire Local History Council Collection (1960, F.E.Ghent & J.W.Ghent)
Warsale R.M.N. (1925)
Wart Charmer Nottinghamshire Local History Council Collection (1963, W.Pinder)
Wassail Nottinghamshire Weekly Express (1912b)
Wassail Bowl W.Irving (1835)
Nottinghamshire Guardian (1945b)
Wassail Cup L.Jewitt (1853)
Wassailing R.A.Harris (1966)
Nottinghamshire Guardian (1897b)
Nottinghamshire Weekly Express (1916)
Watch, Midsummer's Eve See: Midsummer's Eve Watch
"We've come to steal your Old Black Hen" P.T.Millington Collection (1972, B.Faulconbridge)
Weather Lore P.T.Millington Collection (1973, A.Coleman - c)
Week, Plough See: Plough Week
Weekly (1950), Farmer's See: Farmer's Weekly (1950)
Weeping Willie A.E.Fletcher (1924)
E.M. (1924)
Well Blessing L.Jewitt (1853)
Well Dressing Nottinghamshire Guardian (1897b)
Well, St. Catherine's See: St. Catherine's Well
"When Joan's Ale was New" J.M. (1871)
Newark Advertiser (1871)
White Horse V.Alford (1952)
White Peacock", Lawrence,D.H. (1911) "The See: Lawrence,D.H. (1911) "The White Peacock"
White Plough Nottinghamshire Guardian (1943)
Wibble, Jenny See: Jenny Wibble
Wife, Butcher's See: Butcher's Wife
Wife, Farmer's See: Farmer's Wife
Wild Horse V.Alford (1952)
J.Simpson (1981)
Wildman,Thomas R.Coope (1991)
Wilkinson,R.H. (1896) I.T.Jones Collection (1981, J.N.Smith - d)
William of the Great J.Marsh (2002)
William, King See: King William
Willie, Weeping See: Weeping Willie
Wit, Little See: Little Wit
Witch "Observer" (1823)
Witches J.Simpson (1981)
Witches, Plough See: Plough Witches
Woden A.Sharp (1956)
Woman W.Antliff (1885)
R.Meynell (1957/58)
P.T.Millington Collection (1971, T.Marriot)
Nottinghamshire Guardian (1899)
T.F.Ordish Collection (1901, M.Peacock)
T.Ratcliffe (1898)
Woman, Man See: Man-Woman
Woman, Old See: Old Woman
Woman], [Old See: [Old Woman]
Women's Institute Nottinghamshire Federation of Women's Institutes (1980)
Woodcut G.Richardson (1925b)
Wooing Plays E.C.Cawte et al (1967)
Workhouse Retford & Gainsborough Times (1884)
Wrestling J.B. (1886)
J.B. (1898)
W.Page (1910)
Wrestling Match", "The See: "The Wrestling Match"
Wright,A.R. & Lones,T.E. (1938) M.W.Barley Collection (1950, L.Butler - a)